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‘Stranger In Asia’




The recent Women’s March events all around the world became the catalyst ALPHAMAMA needed to pull forward the release of latest track ‘Stranger In Asia’. The second single to be lifted from her forthcoming EP ‘Honey Fire’ and successor to ‘Ass In The Front’ (Jul, 2016), ‘Stranger In Asia’ is an ode to the uprising of the divine feminine.

Written while travelling her roots of Indonesia ‘Stranger In Asia’ tells the story of a cosmic creatress who in her words: “felt so connected to culture, people and the land. Yet while I was there I feared for my safety as a woman. With a high religious population, my bare skin felt like invitations to danger and I realised how far from our divine place in the cosmos we have fallen on Earth. For every woman to have to cover her body in order to feel safe or worthy of respect felt unnatural to me in that moment and against the natural laws of the universe.

This track has been growing in my womb for far too long but the time was never right to release it. There was always something misaligned. The production, the delivery, the timing was always just not really there until just recently. I’ve been delving into some deep healing work within myself and it seems that now I’m ready. After recently performing at the Women’s march in Sydney to a crowd of around 8000 people in solidarity for women’s rights, it would seem that the world is ready too.

The track itself has been through many incarnations, having been written in Indonesia, produced in LA and then reproduced in Sydney with QuinnZilla, it has taught me so much. There is a time to wait and a time to push and now is the time to push. To push for consciousness, to up the levels of responsibility we are taking in the world, to push for radical love and acceptance of ourselves and each other knowing that we can evolve together. We came from love and we will all return to it. It is our birthright”.

ALPHAMAMA has travelled the globe on tours throughout Indonesia, South Korea, Germany, USA and South Africa. She has supported and shared stages with Dead Prez, Jean Grae, Macy Gray, Salt n Pepa, Tuka, L­Fresh The Lion and toured as a backing vocalist for Australia’s own Jessica Mauboy. ALPHAMAMA is passionate about community and a highly regarded collaborator which has seen her create music with Kween G, P.R, Danny G Felix, True Vibenation and Set Mo. Her recent release with Sydney house duo Set Mo introduced her to the dance music scene internationally with the track ‘Chasing Forever’.

Watch ALPHAMAMA’S brand new clip for ‘Stranger In Asia’ here and check out her Facebook page for details on upcoming shows.


ALPHAMAMA drops a counter attack on stereotypes of how femininity is currently viewed. – Colorising

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