Kiwi surf-rockers Clap Clap Riot are releasing a video for their latest single ‘TIRED OF GETTING OLD’ from their forthcoming album ‘Dull Life’ due for release at the end of this month.

The clip follows guitarist, Dave Rowlands, through the streets of Osaka, Japan as he pushes on with the daily grind of life in the large city. Producer Jeremy Toth has epically captured cinematic shots of Osaka’s architecture, street culture and the city’s skyline.   

Tired Of Getting Old’ delivers those mid-summer vibes with whistling hooks, fuzzy riffs and rollicking grooves. The up-tempo melodic gem has Brit-post-punk vocals and classic vintage keys that delivers that retro charm. While it’s remarkably a different flavour to the first single ‘Help Me’, it still maintains their signature sound, which demonstrates their diverse songwriting ability.  

Keeping good company, Clap Clap Riot’s forthcoming LP has been produced by Tom Healy (Tiny Ruins, Pop Strangers) and mastered by none other than Jared Hirshland (USA) who recently mastered the hugely successful Anderson .Paak’s internationally acclaimed album Malibu, which scored a Grammy nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album.


Clap Clap Riot


‘It tackles the subject of aging and the quest to fight against the desire to settle down.’ – Dave Rowlands – Guitarist – CLAP CLAP RIOT

‘Clap Clap Riot continue to rock with the uptempo and vibrant while captivating with their own unique charm.’ – AU REVIEW

‘While the second single is a remarkably different sound to that of the first, ‘Tired Of Getting Old‘ is the perfect sister song to ‘Help Me’ and brings a new flavour to the plate, giving us yet another fruitful insight into their yet-to-be-released album.’ – SPEAKER TV


Clap Clap Riot will be touching down on Australian shores this month to bring punters that magnetic energy that has become so popular among their large following in NZ.


Clap Clap Riot



Thursday 27th April

Bearded Lady




Friday 28th April

Grace Darling




Saturday 29th April

Brighton Up Bar





‘Tired Of Getting Old’ is the second single from Clap Clap Riot’s upcoming third album ‘Dull Life’ set for release 28 April 2017.



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