Australian Tour Video

+ Supports Announced

Entombed A.d

The Swedish juggernaut that is ENTOMBED A.D. are heading our way in May: courtesy of Hardline Media and we have just released a new tour video.


ENTOMBED A.D. has all its weapons polished and reloaded and is ready to shatter the Australian music scene with an uncompromising full frontal assault including an historic set-list. So, let us all and celebrate the fact that the legend called Entombed has been given new life through ENTOMBED A.D. and all there is left to say is… Goddamn!



Entombed A.D.

Local support Acts have also now been announced!


Tuesday May 9th  – Crowbar – Brisbane

Eternal Rest

Laceration Mantra

Wednesday May 10th – Manning – Sydney

Daemon Pyre

The Plague

Thursday May 11th – Max Watts – Melbourne



Black Jesus

Friday May 12th – Fowlers – Adelaide – All Ages Licensed


Funeral Moon

Saturday May 13th – Amplifier – Perth




 Tickets Are On-Sale now: www.hardlinemedia.net 


Entomber A.D.





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