releases Chinese Sci-Fi inspired album


Kelly Dance


Today, Australian born Hong Kong based Kelly Dance releases her Sci-Fi infused album WILD GRASS via Broken Stone Records. Inspired by Chinese Science-Fiction stories, the gorgeous and unique album captures, reflects and is a small tribute to living, loving and coming of age in Modern China.

The first single “Infinite Possibilities taken from WILD GRASS deals with living in one of the most vertical future-like cities, and highlights the hilarity within the false promise of a ‘tech utopian future’.

Kelly Dance discovered Chinese magazine ‘Science Fiction World‘ in a quiet local library at the end of her street in Hong Kong, the magazine that would spur her interest in Chinese Sci-Fi and ultimately shape her album WILD GRASS which emerged from her science fiction musings and from living and touring in one of the most rapidly changing countries in the world. 

Following on from her 2016’s EP ALL THAT’S GAINED, the new album extends and exploresKelly Dance‘s inspiration. The album embraces a narrative-led lo-fi folk approach, while incorporating the soundscapes of these newer, extreme urban atmospheres. The finished work reflects her collaboration with Aidan Roberts (The Maple Trail) and features no less than thirteen tracks. Make sure you listen and experience this compelling, distinctive and reflective album.


“The title track’s mix of Joni Mitchell-style stream of thought vocals with eastern percussion makes it a highlight as she questions a range of boundariesTHE MUSIC





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