LA-based Melbourne songstress, SHELLEY SEGAL returns for hometown show

Shelley Segal


LA-based Aussie folk pop songstress, Shelley Segal is back in Melbourne for one show only, set to hit The Wesley Anne for a matinee performance this Sunday March 19, supported by Beth And The Brave.

Segal has been living in LA since signing with Los Angeles-based publishing house, 411 Music Group last year and has been busy winning over new fans, writing and performing around the US.

Fresh off the road from a month-long US tour, armed with a well-honed stage show and a host of new material, Segal is thrilled to be back in Australia to play a hometown gig in Melbourne.  “I’ve just come back from 4 weeks on the road and my set is feeling great,” enthuses Segal, “I’ve been prepping for my next release and I’m excited to be back for this special show and a chance to show fans, friends and family what I’ve been working on.  I’ll be featuring some special guests through the set, including an appearance by my grandfather on the cello.”

Segal has been documenting her US adventures across a series of webisodes housed on her youtube channel, offering viewers an insight into life as an Aussie musician working in the US, sharing new songs, candid chats and engaging content aplenty for fans to feast on.

With a new EP, Forms, set to drop in Australia and the US later this year, the release is a rocky offering that was recorded at Birdland Studios with Lindsay Gravina (Thirsty Merc, Kate Miller-Heidke) and Robert Upward (Elsie and The Vibe).  And in true Segal form, the prolific artist, storyteller and humanist is already working on another EP that will land next year – a collaborative conservation musical project created with a marine biologist in Washington State, focusing on saving the local biodiversity treasure and second largest estuary in the US, the Puget Sound Watershed.

Segal first attracted global attention with her debut album, An Atheist Album, spawning some impressive views on lead single, Saved.  She again managed to set tongues wagging with lead single, Morocco from her sophomore record, An Easy Escape and also with the body-positive single, Sidelined.

Segal is an avid user of subscription service Patreon, a hub whereby all her new songs, home videos, home recordings and unreleased materials can be accessed by her fanbase for $1 per month.






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View: US tour video diaries

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