Matt Young Free online music lecture this Sunday @ 2pm


“How To Take Your Band From The Jam Room To International Touring”

(In Five Easy To Follow Steps).


King Parrot are one of Australia’s most successful modern metal acts. Their rapid rise to both national & international prominence occurred in a very short period of time. A major element of the band’s brisk rise to popularity was off the back of their vocalist & manager Matt Young. In this free live lecture, Matt is going to tell us the major strategies he employed that enabled his band to go from relative obscurity to touring the world, and performing with some of the biggest metal bands on the planet.

The lecture will be presented live and online on:
Sunday the 9th of April at 2pm AEST.

During the presentation Matt will reveal how to research & pitch to the right industry gatekeepers, the importance of ensuring you have the personnel in the band to achieve your goals, killer strategies for maximizing your creative output and live show, and much more.

This presentation is one of a series of free music business lectures to be offered as a part of Rodney Holder’s “Online Music Business Summit.”

If you’d like to attend Matt’s presentation you can register for FREE HERE 


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