announce the release of the album that almost never was

My Echo

My Echo announce the release of their long awaited debut album Brothers featuring brand new single ‘Meet You There’. Melbourne’s My Echo had been keeping up a ruthless touring schedule for years. On a steady upwards projectile, the future looked bright.

They joined their childhood heroes Jimmy Eat World on a national tour and had covered every corner of the country countless times either themselves, or alongside the likes of Kingswood, Tired Lion and Trial Kennedy. The band also featured on the Groovin The Moo line-up and were one of a handful to make Blunt Magazines annual list of “bands to watch”. They sold out their first two EP’s and peaked at #4 on the iTunes rock charts.

They endured a member leaving and were beginning to feel settled again as a unit when things got a little hairy. Drummer Henry Hollingsworth recalls: “A little while back we had a tour booked that we had to cancel because Brenton was in hospital for weeks in a pretty grim state. The docs didn’t really know what was happening but without saying too much, it was frighteningly bleak. We banded together and put everything with music on hold and focused our energy to supporting Brenton and letting him deal with his illness. I’m relieved beyond belief to say that he got back to full health .’”


The first single from the album ‘Old and Grey’ speaks of the resilience and bond that developed. Henry continues ”Something I’ll never forget was when Damo (our booker) pulled me aside and mentioned how proud of us he was that we had stuck together like brothers. I’d never thought of it as an achievement. To me it was really the only option and something none of us gave a second thought to, but what stayed with me was the brothers reference. We were like brothers. We always will be.’ ”

Brothers is testament to friends sticking by each other. It’s something the band consider themselves very lucky to have been able to do. Brothers is the light that they could always see at the end of the tunnel.

Other highlights from the album include their second single ‘Boys In Blue’ released in late 2016 and now their third single ‘Meet You There’. Rocketing up the overall triple j Unearthed charts to claim the #1 spot in it’s first week, the new single features a hilarious tongue in cheek video clip recalling the best of Aussie 80’s rock, complete with mullets and sneans.

My Echo are finally primed and ready to reclaim their place as a “band to watch” after they released their debut album on March 3rd, 2017. Currently on tour supporting Kingswood, you can catch My Echo on their official album tour through February and March…


My Echo



March 16th – The Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle

March 17th – Brighton Up Bar, Sydney

March 18th – Rad Bar, Wollongong

March 23rd – Trainspotters @ Woolly Mammoth Front Bar, Brisbane

March 24th – Currumbin Creek Tavern, Gold Coast

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