NICK OLIVERI (USA) – Rosemount Hotel, Perth

w/ special guests The Floors & The Southern River Band

Modern Rock’n’Roll icon Nick Oliveri (QOTSA/Kyuss/Mondo Generator) returns to Australia this March/April, appearing at a host of major cities around the country for the Mojo Burning Festival in a move that is sure to excite a legion of fans established over the last three decades. PERTH YOU’RE UP!

The veteran performer, who has donned the bass and songwriting pen for such iconic acts as Queens of the Stone AgeKyussThe DwarvesMondo Generator and worked with the likes of Mark LaneganTurbonegro, Desert Sessions and more, will bring his solo Death Acoustic tour down under for the first time since 2010.

Known for often playing naked on stage, Oliveri is keen to come to Australia again saying “I told you i’d back for a sing along! Australia… the best crowds, the best beer, Rose Tattoo OfficialAC/DCHard-Ons – OfficialTumbleweed… Whats not to love?! Can’t wait to hang with all me mates!”


in the MAIN ROOM w/ special guests

The Floors & The Southern River Band

DATE: Sunday, 2nd April


STAGE: Rosemount Main Stage

TICKETS: $20 GA / $50 Meet And Greet



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