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ALLDAY + Japanese Wallpaper + Nicole Millar + Mallrat @ Big Top 08/07/17 (Live Review)

Adelaide artist Allday (Aka Tom Gaynor) brought his vegan, motorbike loving behind to Sydney’s Luna Park Big Top on Saturday night for a spectacular second show off his Speeding tour’. Supporting the Australian rap powerhouse was Japanese Wallpaper, Nicole Millar and Mallrat, who truly hyped the crowd for the techno, beat bouncing chaos. Allday provided a fusion of visual and musical marvel for wide-eyed fans, who were really in for a treat.


Japanese Wallpaper

Japanese Wallpaper – photo by Cath Connell


The night began with strong performances from killer support acts. The Brisbane-based teenager Mallrat opened the show with a tremendous bang, hyping the crowd with strong titles such Uninvited and For Real. Nicole Millar captivated the audience with a stunning set, employing spectacular visual effects to further her as a must-see artist and successfully earned the title “Lit” from various crowd members. However, Japanese Wallpaper felt much like a “lost inspired hipster who had wandered on stage with his buddies from a nearby vegan café”. His stunning vocals although spectacular, were chilled out and out of place among the atmosphere of the roaring mosh pit.



Allday – photo by Cath Connell


It wasn’t long before highly anticipated Allday took to the stage, combining an impressive display of photography, visual media, art and music. Contrasting dramatically with Japanese Wallpaper, he displayed a laidback and clever style of rap, dripping  with Aussie accent was original and fresh. The opening songs First Light and Claude Monet sent the audience into a frenzy. Bouncing off the walls, his high energy resonated with the crowd and left them hanging on his every word. The atmosphere of the Luna Park Big Top was absolutely incredible. Allday followed up with killer tracks such as Raceway, Send Nudes and Right Now. You could barely hear his voice over the roar of the devoted crowd. Somehow he kept his sense of humour and creativity while never taking himself too seriously. It was difficult to focus on all of the incredible visual art with the incredible musical talent on display.

Finally, Japanese Wallpaper joined Allday onstage to perform In motion, a killer song which truly captivated the audience. The closing track You Always Know The DJ left the mosh pit manic, who danced and sung along to every word. Allday thanked the audience before wandering offstage, the blend of spectacular live performance of music and art was a night to be remembered.


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  • Nina Longfellow