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Hot off the success of a debut independent EP last year, Spectoral has already enjoyed a tonne of indie radio spins across the country. By mid-2017, he had been invited as a guest for three lengthy on-air features, been blogged on several music platforms, as well as received spins on numerous overseas stations in the US, UK and even South Africa.

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“I try to take elements of nostalgic, time-worn downtempo that artists like Boards of Canada, Apparat and Dntel helped break in the 2000s,” he explains,“but I want to expand and evolve that into pop music for today, reintroducing those textures in an accessible way that people can build multilayered connections with. Maybe a song that defines a moment of your youth, or it’s a subject matter that’s super relevant for today, or maybe it’s just this un-ignorable jolt of euphoria, experienced through a genre I try to present in a way people haven’t heard quite like that before.” – SPECTORAL.




AMNplify Interviewer Brianna Denmeade got the chance to interview Spectoral with one of our ‘AMNplify Snapshots‘. He talks about his unreleased music ready for release in 2018, his musical influences and what food he could live off the rest of his life (Can you guess what kind of cheese it is?).

How would you describe your journey in the music industry so far, and where do you want to go from here with your music?

2017 was major. I’ve lost count of the number of talented artists I’ve become friends with through my live shows, collabs, collectives, remix comps and interviews on radio. Spectoral released six singles, and 2018 is already lined up to be even huger, I have so much in the bag already it’s crazy.

When did you know you wanted to make music and perform as your career?

In the womb, while overhearing my parents playing Jean Michel Jarre.

Who have been your musical influences through life?

Oh god, so many. I’ve got a crazy-eclectic musical influence list. Everyone from James Blake to Drake, Radiohead, Apparat, John Mayer, Jamiroquai, Sampha, The Postal Service, pretty much anything that gives me


but I strongly lean towards electronic and soul.

Are there any artist’s or musicians that you have been so impacted by that it changed your view on life or mentality?

Boards Of Canada. Their album Geogaddi got me through uni, their album The Campfire Headphase got me through break-ups, their EPs get me through winter, their entire discography could basically be an introspective soundtrack of my 20s.

How would you describe your sound, and why is it unique from other artist’s sound?

As a singer-songwriter-producer, I style my sound as,


It’s got strong downtempo pop and RnB influences. But the pendulum swings from alt-pop to indietronica sometimes. I’ve been known to blend a few flavours into crossover tracks. In this age of tightly defined genre playlists dominating everything, that probably isn’t smart, but it’s what I want to make.

What can fans expect from your live dates in 2018?

At last count, I have nine unreleased tracks with three more I’m working on before Christmas. So plenty of surprises. I’m also joining forces with my mate Martin for a few dates as we’re releasing two more collabs together (at least) in 2018.

What is next for 2018?

Follow me on Instagram and you’ll find out 😉

If you weren’t working in the music industry, what else do you think you would be doing with your life right now?

I’d have to find other ways to be creative. I come from a design background so I’m always thinking about ways to create, whether that’s a video clip, a website, a poster, photography… there’s always something interesting.

What’s one song fans might be surprised you really like?

System Of A Down – BYOB. When that single dropped in 2005 my mates who are heavily into metal and rock were all like,

“Sellouts! What the eff is this mainstream chorus?”,

but by the time the track hits the second minute, they were all,

“Ohhh. Oh no, they didn’t!”.

Do you have one performance that stands out so far as being your favourite, or most memorable?

Being asked to be the main act playing at the 2-Year Anniversary of Melbourne’s NDJE Collective (Non-DJ Electronic Musicians of Melbourne). The atmosphere was so damn good, and the place was totally packed.

Lastly, just for fun – If you had to eat only one food for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Ooh, difficult… probably rich soft creamy blue cheese. It’d be a short life.

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