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Interview with William Jarratt of Storm The Sky

Melbourne’s very own Storm The Sky is currently on their Sin Will Find You Australian tour. After starting proceedings on the western coast, the band will wrap things up next weekend with shows in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane. The resolute leader of this quintet William Jarratt recently had an in-depth chat with AMNplify about the tour, the music and so much more. Check it out below!

How and when did the band form?

We formed in 2011 but before that a couple of our members were in another band together! That first band came together when Andy (Szetho, guitar) and our previous drummer and guitarist Alex and Billy jammed in high school.

Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Jeff Buckley, the first artist to make me cry through mere lyrical ability. I wasn’t inspired into a career necessarily but I knew that music was everything to me from that moment onward.

Can you describe Storm The Sky in one coherent sentence?

Come to a show and you’ll understand.

Who are your main musical influences?

Anyone that moves me; that can range from vastly different genres but I guess my main influences would be: Jeff Buckley, Pink Floyd, The Doors, Brand New, Led Zeppelin and M83.

What is the inspiration behind Wake Up Sleeping?

The inspiration behind it as a song was basically to hold an unobstructed and dirty mirror on our broken generation. We’ve had the lost generation and the doomed, but I believe that no one has ever been more mentally and spiritually broken than ours. We haven’t suffered like previous peoples, but it seems that almost everyone is nearly suicidal to the point where most young people’s humour revolves around wanting to die on the internet (myself included).

I just wanted to encapsulate exactly what it feels like to be in our brains. Those who question until the answers hurt too much to hear and then just feel like there’s no point. The line ‘put your hands up, nod your head and give up’ is basically just an ironic stab at how most popular music these days is completely emotionless and cold. I feel like going to these huge extravagant pop shows is literally just nodding and clapping along to the end of what music should be.

What are the themes explored on Sin Will Find You album?

Love, heartbreak, life, death, hate, desperation, sex, drugs and every other coping mechanism I’ve used to try to escape the general feeling of helplessness people of my age group feel in this world.

How does Sin Will Find You differ to past releases?

Sin Will Find You is the first release this band has really just let loose on without any thought of reception or critique. I know that’s how it’s always meant to be but it’s extremely hard not to think about whether people will like your music no matter how much you would like to. There are so many amazing musicians involved directly and indirectly with Storm The Sky that I’m lucky to be friends with and I really feel like everyone got to shine exactly how they have always been able but too scared to.

What can fans expect from the upcoming Sin Will Find You headline tour?

We will always work as hard as we can to make sure that a Storm The Sky show is a lot more than just a live musical performance. You can expect expression through multiple different mediums and a dangerous amount of passion from everyone involved; both on and off stage.

What is something you would like to achieve career-wise that you haven’t done yet?

Our band is all about two things.

  1. Being able to create without restrictions (live and in the studio).
  2. Sharing those creations with as many people as possible.

So yeah, mainly I just want to get to a point where there’s nothing that holds us back from anything that we creatively want to explore and also to get overseas more and reach all these amazing people that have been patiently messaging us over the years. We’re coming I promise!

If you could play any venue in the world, where would it be and why? 

Either Whiskey A Go Go in LA or O’lympia in Paris.

The Whiskey has the most amazing rock and roll history I’ve ever heard of. Every band that I love has played there, so it would simply be a dream come true to even walk on the stage there.

O’lympia housed the greatest Jeff Buckley performance I’ve ever heard and also has an insane history of performances; as well as Paris being my favourite city so far in life.

I’m all about the history and iconography of venues rather than the size. I really don’t think that shows are necessarily better with more people watching, definitely more impressive but hardly ever will you have that one-on-one connection that I need just as much as people in the crowd.

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