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Andy Grammer

The Good Parts

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Andy Grammer is a familiar name to most people. The NewYork-raised singer/songwriter is due to release his third studio album on 1 December 2017 entitled The Good Parts. He is all about inspiring and empowering the world by communicating his truths through his music and The Good Parts is a testament to that.

The Good Parts Album Andy Grammer

The Good Parts // Andy Grammer

On this release, Grammer gives the listener a unique spin on pop by infusing it with hints of reggae, hip-hop, EDM and even country. This is personified by the current single and opening track in Smoke Clears, best defined as an up-tempo pop song with subtle reggae and hip-hop influences. Freeze, meanwhile, has a different take by combining acoustic guitar chords with textured synths. The title track in The Good Parts is a straight up ballad and the passion from Grammer’s vocals is something else

Up next is the funky Spaceship with its hip-hop influence, throughout the verses in particular. The lyrics actually tell the sweet story of the birth of Grammer’s first daughter Louisiana, in late July this year. This flows into the lead single from the album Fresh Eyes. It is only listening to the track within the context of the album that the listener can pick up on those same reggae influences that seem to permeate the majority of the album.

The funk returns on the tongue-in-cheek 85 that has this 80s vibe intertwined with reggae and hip-hop influences. This is followed by another ballad in Always that is anchored by a beautifully distorted piano undercurrent paired with a subtle EDM vibe. The pop and hip-hop collision of Workin On It comes next and it’s infectiously melodic from start to finish – that said, there is a strong EDM pull juxtaposed with piano and guitar throughout.

The hip-hop mentality continues on Grown Ass Man Child, but it also has a slick 80s synth vibe that envelops the song after the first chorus. The reggae with the acoustic guitar makes a welcome return on This Ain’t Love and this is paired with more infectious EDM elements on yet another catchy track, though the inclusion of the tambourine gives the track a point of difference. From here, the listener is given a taste of country on Civil War, though it is only brief given that the track shifts gears to include piano notes and a blanket of EDM over simple instrumentation.

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Andy Grammer

Grow picks up the EDM vibes and infuses them into a ballad with short and sharp vocals. However, the unmistakable reggae influence is still there with its sparse guitar chords. It feels anthem-like and is a real reminder of how important self-love is. This leads into the album closer and second single in Give Love featuring LunchMoney Lewis. The piano is unexpected but this soon gives way to EDM and hip-hop vibes throughout. The track has summer jam written all over it. The addition of the rap from LunchMoney Lewis, whilst brief, adds to this Andy Grammer classic.

Andy Grammer is the master of the pop hit; he has proven that on past releases and does again on The Good Parts.  No track sounds the same, but it has his magic sprinkled all over it. Whilst the music is catchy, infectious, and anthemic with a distinct sing-a-long quality – Grammer has some serious vocal chops that have perhaps gone under the radar…until now. His passion, tenacity and vocal range are all on display here. In the world of pop music where everything can start to sound the same, Andy Grammer is giving us his own unique take and we as consumers of pop music, are all the better for it.




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