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Up and coming DJs are trying to find their own, unique sound. Ways to flip resonance towards what is coined today as a banger.

Fresh-faced fellas Bajillionaire (Charlie Hole) and DJ Thrills (Joel Rogers)come together in their new track ‘Been Gone’ to deliver a something that raises the roofs of the club scene.

The initial idea was conceived through an acoustic recording of the first verse, sung by Thrills. Like a caterpillar to a butterfly, this song went from acoustic to EDM naturally.

At least for this song, I was super inspired by like, a lot of early electro/alternative stuff like Foster the People and Bastille” – Bajillionaire.



Bajillionaire // Photo


A great feature is the acceleration of intensity throughout the track. Many artists these days will develop songs that feature a lot of repetition with no growth. Not true for this ear-tickler. The initial drop releases fans into a screaming frenzy when Thrills’ velvet voice leads into an arm-raising echo extravaganza, trumped only by the following force of auditory nature.

Since the track debuted, stellar results have been recorded at venues including The Greenwood Hotel, Starfvckers, and The World Bar.

“It’s the first time I’ve had people come up to me at a club or a gig and ask if I’m the guy who made ‘Been Gone’, so that is actually super cool!”Bajillionaire.

The pair are friends in real life and close with Erin Finlay, whose pipes claim the second verse as their own. Both DJs have been strutting their stuff for almost four years, and their influence on each other sees quite the bromance blooming.

“I had an absolute ball working with Charlie, and I still have a lot to learn from him, hopefully, he feels the same.” DJ Thrills.

Working together under Mints Management, these two will have an explosive ride of rightful reign over the up-and-coming EDM scene.


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