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‘How To Socialise & Make Friends’

(Album Review)

Reviewer: Esther Triffitt



Second album ‘How To Socialise & Make Friends’ from trio Camp Cope brims with emotional rage and honesty. After breaking onto the Australian music scene quickly since their formation in 2015, they’ve made an impact politically and culturally with their raw songwriting, particularly with their sophomore record.

The rolling bass line in first track ‘The Opener’ accompanied by lead singer Georgia McDonald’s strong vocals presents a passionate hit against male critics;

“it’s another straight cis man who knows more about this than me”.

The lyrics build intensely throughout the song, and though the bass line and drum beat stays comfortably within its lane, the song emits a surf rock with shouted vocals, preaching the strength of one of the most talented female bands on the Australian scene.

Second track that takes the name of the album follows similarly with a steady bass line and guitar riffs, not particularly the album standout but lyrically is relatable.

Third song ‘The Face of God’ bravely tackles the issue sexual assault, from someone whose

“music is too good”

for the right action to be taken, a lightly touched on subject in the music scene today, and it’s taken on with incredible integrity and strength.

‘Anna’ details on an emotional story of a friend moving away, the lyrics enforce you to appreciate the substance and impact of this person whom the listener does not know.

A standout on the album is eighth track ‘UFO Lighter’, detailing on trivial issues within relationships and the perceptions of a female, tied in with a mix of emotions that take the listener on a journey of self awareness.

Last song ‘I’ve Got You’ is an acoustic track dedicated to Georgia’s father, and showcases the bravery and freedom evoked by her father that has been pursued by the trio throughout their musical journey, a beautiful and emotional tribute.

‘How To Socialise and Make Friends’ is truly an album to remember, showcasing in the best way the innovative bass of Hellmrich, Thompson’s punchy drumming, and the crazily strong vocals of McDonald, Camp Cope have outdone themselves.

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