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FLIGHT FACILITIES ‘Stranded’ (Single Review)

It’s as if they’ve taken their 2015 symphonic performance and added another twist on it.

Flight Facilities are back with their new song ‘Stranded’ which features old favourites like Reggie Watts who saw them through their ‘Down To Earth’ album, and new friends with similar music grooves, Broods and Saro.

The song maintains orchestral instruments factoring in a blissful dance  on piano keys and string chords.



The accompanying video however, illustrates a love story designed for feeling. In an unspoken sequence between inmate and partner, they go from stranded to found.

What FlightFac have been quite good at in delivering their craft is maintaining their sound and not falling into pop-and-radio tracks. It is my belief that their ripe choices of accompanying artists is central to their ability to create great new music.

Arty Boy, featuring Emma Louise, came out just a few months earlier, and has also been a great hit.

No word yet on a new album for these pilots of their unique sound, but we’ll be here when they do!




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