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FOO FIGHTERS – Run (Video Review)

Foo Fighters


Just when you think it’s safe to go outside and enjoy the few remaining sunny days before winter kicks in, the one, the only – the legendary Foo Fighters go and spoil your plans by releasing an absolutely killer song, Run (and video directed by none other than Dave Grohl himself).

If you were unfortunate enough to only be able to listen to the song first (as driving and watching YouTube videos is not only illegal but extremely dangerous for your health), for a moment (just a moment), the thought goes through your head “what the hell is this?” and “PLEASE tell me it gets better…”. That’s when the drums start, the guitars wail and the screaming starts and all is right with the world.

The video clip is exactly what you would expect from the Fooeys – totally insane, balls (sorry…boobs) to the wall, batshit crazy and pure brilliance. It’s set in a retirement home where the nurse would be right at home in American Horror Story (or Happy Gilmore). One patient has clearly had enough of her shit as he screws his hand up with the pill container in it once she has walked away.

Cutscene to a concert held by the very elderly Fooeys and as Grohl is singing, the words awake something in our protagonist as he stands up, climbs up high…..and ‘stage dives’ straight into the orderlies before an all out war starts between the old folks, the orderlies….and the wonderful nurse. One word of warning though…..just watch your eyes….there is one scene that can never be unseen. It’s gold.

Run is the perfect song that once again highlights just how talented and versatile Grohl is and once more cements their position as one of the greatest rock bands to have walked this earth. If this song is any indication on what their album will be like, then there are going to be MANY, MANY impatient fans out there just hanging on with bated breath.



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