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Van Inhalin

(video single review)




Let’s be clear, both Grasshole and Van Inhalin are hilarious stoner references. The Melbourne based three-piece seem to put having a laugh at the front and centre of most of the things that they do. The video for the first single from their debut full length release Flavour of Fuzz, is effectively four minutes of the band playing their instruments overlooking a Swedish lake butt-naked, but for the strategic placement of headstocks, cymbals and a little pixellation. Its all very Chilli Peppers and the trio seem to have taken much of their sensibilities from Kiedis & Co.

Sonically, this track is more akin to something Dave Grohl would have a hand in. Its driven, but still melodic; aggressive at times, but still generally playful at its core. There’s something of a funk tinge to the rhythm section’s work, which adds a bit of texture.

Grasshole aren’t reinventing anything here, but if a couple of minutes of high energy, heavy guitars and silliness is your bag, Grasshole are worth a listen.