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Hannah Kate – Late Brunch (EP Review)

Melbourne-based singer songwriter Hannah Kate brings that point of difference with her music. She blends lo-fi alt pop rock with elements of indie and electro. This is apparent on her forthcoming debut EP Late Brunch.

The EP opens with Magnificent – a mellow ballad that initially, needs nothing more than a haunting vocal delivery accompanied by melodic guitar chords; before opening up in the chorus to this low-fi indie, electro- inspired cacophony. This leads into the moody Sheets that has intricate instrumentation with the faintest hint of flamenco. It showcases her falsetto entwined with an ethereal vibe. Following this is the upbeat Cigarettes and Other S*** that has an instant infectious instrumentation. The vocal delivery from Hannah Kate really sinks into this and displays her full range beautifully.

The second half of the Late Brunch EP begins with Sister that has a distinct blues vibe. However, this falls away to unveil those ethereal vocals from Hannah Kate. The track is expansive and uses lyrics very sparingly, but this does not detract from its charm. This leads into the intricacies of the up-tempo You’re Not Gonna Buy That Shirt. The vocals from Hannah Kate are quicker than on previous tracks, one that has a prominent indie vibe with elements of lo-fi throughout. The EP closes with the textured Warm Skin that brings a sweet melancholy that switches pace to this indie, moody vibe before spinning back into its original incantation. The vocal delivery as a result is equal parts pop and blues-inspired.

Hannah Kate is in a league of her own musically and lyrically. She has her own point of view and is expressing that like nobody else has before. The listener can tell this from her melodies and solitary approach to song writing, as if you’re reading her diary. Hannah Kate is a gem only just emerging on the music landscape. Her music is memorable and passionate. Late Brunch is eclectic and something truly special.

Hannah Kate will bring Late Brunch into the live realm with an

EP Launch Show at The Tote in Melbourne on Thursday 23 March.

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Hannah Kate - Late Brunch EP

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