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HARRY STYLES – Sign Of The Times (Single Review)

“Just stop crying, have the time of your life breaking through the atmosphere, and things are pretty good from here. Remember everything will be alright, we can meet again somewhere. Somewhere far away from here…”


Harry Styles

Credit – Harry Styles Official Facebook


Sign Of The Times is the debut single from the eclectic British artist that is Harry Styles. With a heavy heart, I don’t attach Harry Styles to the name of One Direction today, because today marks the beginning of something new… The beginning, the emergence of his solo career; something fans have been waiting forever for. First it was Zayn, then Niall and Louis closely followed and with Liam’s debut single only months away, it was the perfect time for Harry to finally introduce himself to the world and to the music industry as a true solo artist.


Sign Of The Times is a five and a half minute track that has already smashed the charts within hours of its release… Sign Of The Times debuted at number one on the iTunes charts in 30 plus countries, and is now comfortably sitting at number one on the iTunes charts in 75 plus countries, including the UK, the US and Australia… And I am not surprised. The powerful piano-led ballad perfectly accompanies the raw, mature, soulful voice of Styles. His falsetto slowly emerges throughout the song, so calming and sweetly captivating with the sensitive lyrics of life and loss flowing with the melody. The song takes you on a journey, an experience that is not the Harry of One Direction; something never seen before. A boy no longer, now a man.


The lyrics could be interpreted in many ways, but the only vibe I get from the track is that Sign Of The Times was chosen as a way for Harry to say goodbye to his incredible, whirlwind past, to One Direction and the boy band scene as he says hello and welcome to something new, to his solo music journey and new music explorations. This is a new chapter, a new beginning for Harry Styles and his musical artistry.


“Just stop your crying, it’s a sign of the times. Welcome to the final show, hope you’re wearing your best clothes…”


Harry Styles

Credit – Another Man Magazine (2016)


The chills I have as I write this is incredible. Harry embodies the exact solo artist fans have known he has always wanted to be. A modern fusion of Bowie, Mercury, Lennon, Prince… Some of the greatest legends in music history. Everyone must listen to this song at least once, and once you do you will understand what I mean when I say that Harry is very possibly the answer to the void that fills our hearts with the recent passing of David Bowie and Prince. Harry is very possibly the new modern Bowie with this track. What a beautiful way to introduce yourself to the world as a solo artist.


This is only just the beginning for Harry Styles. First the single, then the album, the records, the awards, the tour… I cannot wait to see what 2017 has in store for Harry and his fans. Bring it on.


Harry Styles, Sign Of The Times. I have no words, the song speaks for itself. Go check it out.



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