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Illy (The Two Degrees Tour)

+ Maribelle + Spit Syndicate + Paces

@ The Enmore Theatre 07/04/17 (Live Review)

Last night (07/04/17) at The Enmore Theatre Maribelle, Spit Syndicates, Paces and Illy blew the roof off the place showcasing the best of the best in regards to Australian Hip-Hop. As they pulled out all of the stops in order to impress their Sydney audience. Eager fans from all across Sydney filled the surrounding streets of Newtown in anticipation to see the show. As the doors opened at 6:15pm fans flooded The Enmore Theatre with excitement as the dance floor was full of individuals standing their ground so they could get a great place to see the show. whilst others were socialising and Vibing around the bar area until the acts started. Before the show even started the overall vibe within the room was energetic and full of anticipation as the night progressed on the excitement built and by the time the man himself Illy came on stage at about 9:30pm the crowd lost it, as everyone was singing at the top of their lungs, dancing with a drink in hand.



At around 7:00pm proceedings started to occur as Maribelle was the first act for the night. Personally I think she was a great choice as an opening act for the night as her setlist was quite upbeat and fun. As her stage presence was extremely strong as she interacted with the audience, made sure audience members were vibing with her and got everyone on their feet dancing as her own dance moves were infectious. Her setlist consisted of the songs off her Overtake EP as she sang Overtake, Shout, Can’t stay cold, Say it for me, Who you are and an unreleased song titled Shotgun. However Maribelle pulled out all the stops when her looping station drum solo was a reoccurring theme throughout her performance.

At 7:40pm it was time for Spit Syndicates, an all male rap group from Western Sydney. As they exploded onto the stage as they thanked the audience for welcoming them back to Sydney. Majority of their setlist was quite upbeat and energetic in order to excite the audience that little bit more. But what impressed me the most about the Spit Syndicates was their stage presence and their ability to interact with the audience. As it came to a point when they were performing their single titled Amazing and they asked the audience to scream at the top of their lungs “Money over bullshit, crew over anything” the audience had 2 to do this quite a few times before the band was impressed enough with our efforts in order to continue with the rest of the song. Spoiler alert: Spit Syndicates also sang a new song of theirs titled Hold on me which is off their new album which they hinted is going to drop sometime in the next couple of weeks, How exciting!




At 8:30pm it was time for Paces, as Paces is a DJ and I’m quite a big fan of EDM and electro house music I particularly loved Paces set a lot. As all of the songs he had mixed and played on the night had high energy, upbeat sounds and every base drop you could feel it in your chest. Paces knew exactly what he was doing as every song he played hyped up the crowd that little bit more. As everyone in the crowd was standing, arms in the air and dancing. However the highlight of Paces set was when he added in a slight extract / tribute piece to the man himself Kayne West it may have lasted only 30 seconds to a minute but none the less it was edgy and unexpected.

At 9:30pm the man himself Illy was on stage and ooh boy he did not disappoint one bit. With the audience on high alert Illy exploded onto the stage with intense lighting to match. Illy’ setlist consisted of many songs off his new album Two degrees , as he sang /rapped Forget it, Hazard to myself, You say when and Papercuts just to name a few. As Illy played at the Enmore Theatre it was a sold out show, the Enmore Theatre’ capacity is 1600 people. As later that night Illy had mentioned that this was the biggest crowd he has ever played for. As Illy continued to perform his songs I had noticed that the audience was so drawn in by his performance he had them in the palm of his hand . As everyone was singing at the top of their lungs and dancing. But I think overall the acts that performed on the Two Degrees Tour matched really well together and were able to produce a high quality show. But overall the show was lit.

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Madeline Villano