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INDI – Take It Or Leave It (Single Review)

“I make my own rules… You can take it or leave it.”




Take It Or Leave It is the newly released hit from Melbourne artist, INDI. Born and raised between the beautiful Gippsland region and the busy streets of Melbourne, INDI released her debut self-titled EP in 2015, taking her bubbly and infectious personality with her everywhere she goes!

Take It Or Leave It is INDI’s second single released by Melbourne indie label, Damasta Recordings, bringing a real electro-pop punk feel to the table. Take It Or Leave It delivers a true girl power/take me as I am anthem with a sublime fusion of pumping synths, rocking guitars and a good old thumping backline that perfectly match the raw but catchy, unapologetic, in your face vocals. At such a young age, to not only dabble in numerous genres but create such catchy but genuine music is a talent in itself! INDI is the answer to all your Avril Lavigne cravings, the modern-day elixir of powerhouse female artists like P!nk and Alanis Morrisette!




“I’m running this show, you better believe it!”

INDI, Take It Or Leave It. Go check it out!



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