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Interview with AIDEN HOLMES – vocalist from ALPHA WOLF

Heavy metal band Alpha Wolf has had a busy year taking on a new vocalist, Aiden Holmes and signing with Greyscale record label. Alpha Wolf is stronger than ever with their debut album Mono due for release July 17th. 

The Melbourne-based band is made up of five members: Aiden (Vocals), Scottie (Guitar), Sabian (Guitar), John (Bass) and Jackson (Drums) and since changing up their dynamics by adding a new vocalist and focusing on a new direction of music Alpha Wolf’s new sound can be described as heavy, harsh and possibly crude to some; with emotionally charged lyrics that feel honest, vulnerable and at times dark.


Mono is an audio representation of utter desperation and the illogical mindset of an individual when one goes through a traumatic experience. Whether it’s death, loss of love or coming to terms with mortality.” – Aiden Holmes, vocalist.


Aiden took the time to have a chat with AMNplify interviewer Brianna Denmeade about the band’s recent success and forthcoming album Mono – Check it out!


Alpha Wolf


Hey Aiden, how are you? What have you been up to?

I’m good thanks. Not doing much, just hanging out with some friends at home.


When and how did Alpha Wolf get started?

The band started without me [Aiden, vocalist]. I actually joined only last year as the vocalist and yeah – so the band [as it is now] started when Sabian (guitarist) moved to Melbourne and I met him on a tour and we became friends from there. One day he just hit me up and was like “Wanna join a band on vocals”, and I was like “Yeah, okay! Let’s do something.” The new album has been a team effort – Scottie (guitarist) did a lot of writing with the instrumentals and I just did a lot of the lyrics and Sabian helped out with that as well.


How stoked were you guys being signed with Greyscale records recently?

Yeah, that was hell unexpected, to be honest. How do I put it…we were literally about to drop a studio diary or something and then Sabian just hit me up and said “Don’t post anything about us doing an album yet”, and I was like “Why not?” and he told me Greyscale wanted to have a chat with us about some stuff. It just felt good, because it’s sick that all the bands on the label are like our best friends – it feels like good friends doing this together. I’m so stoked with it, I would not want to have it any other way.


Alpha Wolf


Alpha Wolf has their first album Mono due for release in a few days, how are you all feeling about it?

I feel good because it is actually the first release I’m on as part of Alpha Wolf. To be honest it has been a little bit scary because I’m new to the band and I am used to starting off small with an EP. So I had to write an album’s worth of lyrics pretty quickly with Sabians help. It’s been a blur, so quick – the past year has just been go-go-go! It’s good fun.


The single #104 has done really well on all your online music platforms.

Yeah, that song was the first single we released off the album [Mono]. It’s always worrying putting out new music that you have put a lot of yourself into; you start to freak out a bit, but we got a good response. We just make music, have fun and if people like it people like it. We’ve gotten lucky.



Alpha Wolf has a unique sound and from listening to Mono it is definitely more musically structured and you guys have really found your own sound – has that progression come naturally?

I can definitely agree. We are focusing entirely on the new music, especially with Scottie (guitarist) writing now – he is a magnificent writer. He helped write a majority of the forthcoming album and paid off. With his [Scottie, guitarist] help and as a band I feel like we’ve gotten to this point.


The melodies and sound of the album are dominant and unyielding deathcore meshed with metal, but the lyrics give each track a heavy emotional undertone. What inspired such vulnerability?

We had themes we wrote with. A lot of the songs are different stories, and they are all pretty emotional. All the songs are under the theme [of the album title] Mono which means different things to every member. It is a really big joint effort between everyone which is what I liked about creating the album. It was a big collaborative project – the whole undertone is monochrome, black and white. The album is pretty full on, with the lyrics it is pretty black and white and Mono just sort of clicked. The whole album is up for interpretation.


Alpha Wolf


You guys have so much going on at the moment, you will be touring nationally supporting Thy Art Is Murder this July/August. Is it all taking you by surprise? 

I never thought this early we would be doing such a big tour with Thy Art Is Murder, that was completely unexpected. I thought maybe we would just be opening up for the Melbourne show, I had no idea it would be the whole tour – which is exciting!


What can fans expect from your upcoming gigs?

We will try to mix it up at every location. We’ll go through and find what will sound cool and works with the other bands. It’ll be diverse.


Thanks heaps for taking the time to chat Aiden.

Thank you so much for your time. I appreciate the call.



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