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Interview with Alex West

From the team that bought us the Annual Melbourne Guitar Show comes the inaugural Sydney Drum & Percussion Show on May 27 & 28, 2017 at Rosehill Gardens Grand Pavilion. Amnplify’s Pauli Dee asked Alex West what we could expect from the upcoming festival.

Hi Alex, how are you?

Very well, thank you!


Could you please explain a little about your practice?

I am a facilitator for the DRUMBEAT, Health Rhythms and Rhythm2Recovery Programs. I use elements from all these programs and the knowledge gained from extensive research in the USA to create individual programs to meet my client’s needs, which are often quite varied


You work a lot with disabled and elderly people. How does drumming for therapy/health and well-being work?

Drumming provides physical stimulus, Right and Left Brain activity. Also, it helps with stress relief. The physicality of drumming is a very good outlet, deepening breathing and relaxing consciousness. It also allows participation in a communal activity. Plus it’s FUN!


As an experienced player, what are some suggestions on a good practice schedule?

At least 1 hour per day, but as this Recreational drumming…Just PLAY when you feel like it.


Do you have a favourite style of drumming?

I just like sharing the joy of playing with other people, opening them to their rhythmic potential.


Any unforgettable gigs?

The Family and Community Services Conference Sept 2016. Twenty Drummers on stage and an audience of 400 dancing and clapping along in time.


What can we expect from your appearance at the Sydney Drum and Percussion Show?

I will be helping people to feel the benefits of Recreational Music Making first hand by facilitating fun, simple and entertaining sessions on Drumming and Wellness on Saturday. On Sunday with my friend and colleague Bek Wermut, I will be co-facilitating an All Age Community Drum Circle.


Thanks so much Alex!


Tickets for the Sydney Drum & Percussion Show can be found HERE

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