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Meet Arteries, a Sydney-based metal band that melds melody and melancholy by way of dual eight-string guitars – the band’s major propelling force. With a stack of impressive supports slots over the years, the five-piece that features Brendan (vocals), Daniel (guitar), Braithe (guitar), Kris (bass) and Zak (drums); have begun solidifying a position as one of Australia’s premiere metal acts –this is typified by the release of their debut album, This Will Destroy Us.

Bringing the twisted and discordant breakdowns along with those groovy rhythms, Arteries recently had a chat with AMNplify about all things music – check it out below!



How and when did the band form?

Arteries formed around 5-6 years ago, mostly through boredom and frustration of playing in other bands that we weren’t really invested in.


Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

Music has always been such a huge influence in our lives so it was inevitable to play in bands. Also day jobs suck, who wants one of those?


Who are your main musical influences?

We are all huge fans of Meshuggah; I think that’s an obvious one, Dillinger Escape Plan, Converge, Rollo Tomassi, Oathbreaker…anything that is heavy and moody and comes from the right place.


“This Will Destroy Us” OUT NOW! #TWDU

Nerve Gas


What are the themes explored on the This Will Destroy Us album?

Mortality, consumerism and living in a world that puts profit before people. The cover art is a good reference for themes of the album: two creatures forced into a fight to the death by a higher power, this will destroy us.


How does This Will Destroy Us differ to your self-titled debut EP?

From the EP to the album we changed the tuning from drop E to F#, which lifted the guitar tone and made it more audible so we could sonically become more experimental. Other than that, we’ve evolved as songwriters and much more composed musicians.


What inspires your song writing?

Life, an endless supply of weed and tasty riffs!



What makes Arteries different to similar sounding bands?

We bring a lot of energy to our craft and play music purely to enjoy ourselves, which I think shows. Some metal bands have this facade that if you play aggressive music you need to be all doom and gloom. At an Arteries gig you’re guaranteed a headbangingly bodacious time.


What has been your most memorable career highlight to date?

Supporting some of our idols in places we never thought we would play. A major highlight for us was supporting Architects at the Metro Theatre on their recent Australian tour. Bleeding Through a few years back at Manning Bar in Sydney was also one of our most memorable moments.


What is something you would like to achieve career-wise that you haven’t done yet?

An extensive European and/or American tour would be amazing for us and it’s a goal we all have our eyes set on over the next few years. So, if you’re reading this and want to put a hard working Aussie band on a Euro tour then…*wink wink*


If you could play any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Well that’s an easy one! Newtown Social Club with all our mates’ bands, right after we burn down to the freaking ground, the mini golf club that’s taken its place.



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