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Aussie pop-princess group BEATZ have released their debut single “Ain’t Your Girl”. With their video dropping this week, Amnplify’s Pauli Dee spoke to Brooke about the single, the video and future plans for the band.




Pauli: Hey Brooke. Thanks for chatting to us. What’s on for your weekend?

Brooke: We had an interview early Saturday morning then the rest of the weekend we’ve been prepping ourselves for our Music Video to drop!!!


You’ve just released your debut single AIN’T YOUR GIRL. What an exciting time! How long was the process of recording through to releasing the single?

The recording process was surprisingly very quick. We set up 3 days of 7-8 hours with Michael D’Arcy to write and record and then we picked a date for the pre-release of the track and then a date for the official release. Then voila – it was out!


How was the launch party?

The launch party was AWESOME!! It was so great see all of the people that came to support us and really rewarding to know that we have such a great support network from our family, friends and fans.


How is releasing your own song different to releasing a cover?

It is so much better knowing that it’s your own work and you’ve put your all into it. You don’t have to make it your own and change the melody in sections because it’s already all your own work. Also seeing the response that we’ve received so far makes it even more amazing!


We’ve seen a lyric video. When will we be seeing an official video clip?

Sometime this week!!!! So really keep your eyes peeled on all of our socials! We couldn’t be any more excited for this video. It’s EPIC!


What’s that going to be like?

I think people are going to expect us to have a cliché video for the song, so all I’m going to say is that it’s NOT what you’re expecting!




Have you filmed it/started filming it yet?

Filming is done and dusted and all done in one day with such an amazing team. We are very lucky girls!


What was that like?

We had the best day with everyone. The team was professional and amazing at what they did so it was so easy for us to get it done in the time frame that we had.


Is there any other recording or recording plans for a follow up single?

100% we aren’t going to leave you all hanging!! We are in the process of our second single. We LOVE creating and working on our original music and on top of that we couldn’t just leave you guys with ONE song!


What about an EP or album?

Hopefully towards the end of the year we can have an EP or Album


You’ve all done a bit of traveling since X Factor. Care to share any highlights?

I recently went to Bali which was very relaxing. I didn’t realise how many Aussies go to Bali. So it pretty much felt like I was at home, except the traffic and roads are mental over there haha


You’ve worked alongside some other great artists. Isaiah Firebrace, Eskimo Joe & Thundamentals to name a few. Is there anyone in particular you’d love to work with next?

Any artist we can work alongside would be a highlight in our career. Being able to share the stage with people who are passionate about music and love to do what we do is a amazing. Hopefully it’s international for us next 🙂



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How was performing at the Australia Day Concert?

It was actually such an awesome atmosphere! There were so many people who were so excited to see us, it honestly felt like we were performing at a festival with the size of the stage and the amount of people!


Do you have any touring plans?

We would absolutely love to start touring. We are in the middle of creating some more songs so hopefully when we have a few more under our belts we can head over to Melbourne!


You all come across as great friends. Tell us something about each other that would embarrass the hell out of each other!

Elishia sent a photo of an onion once and asked if it was an onion. We have too many Elishia stories really. She’s very gullible 😂


If you couldn’t sing, what would you be doing?

Nooooo, can we say we don’t want to be doing anything else? We want to be able to sing and dance all the time!


Do you prefer the recording process or performing live?

Both are fun and are really different! Recording process means we get to sit down and really express ourselves through the music and lyrics. We work really well together in this process and we always come up with some really cool ideas. When we are performing live we get to vibe off the audience and it’s the ultimate goal to be doing that forever with the girls! We really love both in different ways!


What do you think when you look back on your 2014 X Factor audition?

How much fun we had altogether and how far we’ve come from our very first audition! We’ve grown so much as a group and individuals and it really blows our minds at how far we have come!


You can buy AINT YOUR GIRL here



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