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Interview with BUKOWSKI (Q&A)


Melbourne born and bred four piece emo-punk band Bukowski are new to the music scene. Beginning their career in late 2014, guitarist and vocalists James Karagiozis and Benji Malkin-Adby joined forces and started writing tracks. Soon joined by Bassist and vocalist, Nicholas Ward and Drummer, Gerard Dowling.

After the band begun in 2014 they supported Trophy Eyes on the victorian leg of their national tour then took an extended break from performing to write and record music, they then released their first single You’re Probably Gonna Hate This released in February 2017- and its safe to say we definitely DID NOT hate it!
Bukowski are soon to release their debut EP Grow Up, Give Up. Let Go.’ Released June 2017.

Comprised of current and former members of established touring bands Between You and Me, Satellites and SidelinesBukowski are also no strangers to the stage boasting a range of tour supports for Trophy Eyes (AU), As It Is (UK), State Champs (USA), Neck Deep (UK) and many more. More recently, the band embarked on a successful 6 date Eastern States tour with Satellites (QLD) and Braves (NZ).


Hannah Ingenito from Amnplify in a chat with James from BUKOWSKI


How did you come up with the name Bukowski? and is there a meaning behind the name?

Benji actually put the name forward, and I didn’t really mind it haha. But, I guess kinda like an ode to Charles Bukowski. Benji really likes his writing so I guess thats where it comes from haha.


Whats it like performing on stage for your fans?

It’s just rad that people wanna watch or enjoy watching us. Its humbling whether its 1 or 100 or more.


Who are your influences?

My biggest musical influence would be Tom Delonge I would say, basically once I heard blink I decided that I didn’t have to try and be a masterful guitar player or singer I just had to write catchy stuff haha. Basically he made me give up on becoming a guitar nerd and delved more into being spontaneously creative.

Darren Cordeux, Nick Deiner, basically singer/guitarists.

These guys have that innate ability to articulate and capture you without having to

To purchase a copy of ‘You’re Probably Gonna Hate This’ on iTunes- click the image below.

Has your life changed much since being in a band?

I have less money than I probably would have if I wasn’t in a band, but, I definitely have more friends. which I guess is better than money!


Did you always know you wanted to be musician?

Yeah I guess.
My 2 loves growing up were music and sport.
I basically did both pretty much evenly until I was about 22. Then I started focusing on music fully once I got over all the egos that I had to deal with when playing sport haha.
I was always spending as much time as possible playing music growing up, skipping classes in high school to ‘practice for recitals’ haha
I guess I just should’ve focuses on it sooner, I’d probably be a better musician haha

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Who are some of your favourite Australian artists?

All time favorite probably Kisschasy. Like everything that band has ever put out.

New school favorite is definitely Ceres. They haven’t put a foot wrong, I don’t think they can.


What bands do you strive to be like?

We just wanna be a good band that write good songs. Songs that we would listen too haha.
Definitely the 2 previously mentioned, just good. Haha


What do you think of the use of social media being in a band. how does it effect your career?

Its kind of essential these days I think. Social media is what the masses feed on, keep people entertained or you’re kind of easily forgotten.
Although, its not the most important thing by any means. Write good songs and people will always remember!

But yeah, I guess if you do the wrong thing you can easily be crucified in an instant.

Its a bloody double edged sword the old interwebs.


If you could collaborate with anyone, dead or alive who would it be and why?

Darren Corduex of Kisschasy or, Probably Nick Deiner of The Swellers.

Their song writing blows me away, so I would probably just pick their brain and steal all their tricks haha!

Watch ‘You’re Probably Gonna Hate This’ below