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Our very own homegrown Cody Simpson is definitely not the same 15-year old dubbed as “Australias  Justin Bieber“, now with his own band and a new EP with a whole new sound. I had the pleasure of chatting to Cody about this new era and when we can expect to see him back home.


Cody Simpson & The Tide New Music

Cody Simpson & The Tide


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So Wave One, very different. As Someone who has been following you since the beginning, and it’s definitely been a journey, but it was always obvious that you wanted to be more than a teenybopper pop star, were you ever nervous about the fan reaction with your music doing a complete 180?

Um no I wasn’t, I wasn’t nervous in fact I was quite excited and it’s been received so positively that it’s a removed any kind of hesitation or nerves I’ve had about it. But well I didn’t really have any hesitation in the first place cause I felt very honest doing it and very, very confident about doing it and I thought it was only, only a natural evolution for me. So you know, even my band mates and all of that and even just growing as, as a musician, as a guitarist, as you know a lyricist, a writer… I found that it has just been an awesome step, that I feel really quite relieved now (chuckles) I made the first step in that direction.

Free was kinda like a stepping stone, do you feel like this is where you’re meant to be now? Making and performing the music you want to?

Yeah for sure,  I mean I see my whole musical journey and career in a very broad and grand sense. I see it as a kinda lifelong thing so all of these, all of these um steps are…you know are stepping stones along the.. along the river so its all just kinda each point and I feel I’m so happy that with everything, everything that I’ve done ever since you know, I started to write music or started playing music you know ever since I was 13 years old – everything I’ve done has been what I wanted to do at that time.. No matter what kind of thing it has been or what style or whatever but it’s all you know it all kinda ties into singular, um singular linear path, so yeah I feel great. I’m turning 21 next month and it feels like a great new step.

How would you describe your new style of music?

I would describe it as a, I mean it’s a blend of genres that I think it ranges from pop to rock to surf, reggae to psychedelic to all kinds of things but overall it’s… you know its sensual and it’s, and it’s boozy. My touch on topics from you know romance, to environmentalism to rebellion to freedom there’s all kinds of lyrical concepts but it’s the first time I’ve been able to actually incorporate my poetry into my lyrics and actually write all of my lyrics and share the kinda of messages that I feel strongly about sharing.



You’ve said before that you were hiding deeper concepts behind catchy tunes with songs like Tell Me Why and Waiting For The Tide, but Ramona is definitely much more of a chill carefree vibe, how is the writing process different?

Well, Tell Me Why I wrote by myself on an acoustic guitar and lyrically it is much more direct and less ambiguous for open to interpretation that the other stuff is… a lot of, a lot of the other lyrics you know in a like say Waiting For The Tide which stems from a poem I wrote about sea level rising and humanities perspective on environmentalism with a bit more kinda like you know imagery and  not so direct how lyrics should – Tell Me Why I wrote.. I had a lot of things I just kinda wanted to get out in a short you know span of time. So that was that and then Ramona kinda started as a bit of a bit of a joke kind of a song, started as a bit of tongue in cheek track that we ended up recording all live one take as a band in a room and that’s the tape that you hear on the recording… so yeah it was a bit of fun.

You just released the Waiting For The Tide music video, how was that to film?

Ah.. it was cool, we wanted to keep it quite simple and just a you know visual about, strictly performance visual that introduced obviously myself and the other members of the group… Adrian and Reef, us as a trio and yeah it was a good, good experience to film, it was my first time shooting a shooting a video with other members of my band, it was a fun collaborative experience… I’m proud of it.

You followed the Wave One with a tour around California, how was that? and what was the fan reaction like to hearing the new songs live?

It was great, we played a bunch of clubs from San Diego all the way up to San Francisco. I made a little bit of a road trip out of it, I was driving myself around, was surfing and playing gigs and you know showed up to the venues and I kept it pretty casual and it was a heck of a lot of fun. The fan reaction was awesome, the cities were amazing and ah, in general, it was just a positive overall experience that got me excited to continue playing gigs with my band.

What was your favourite song to perform and why?

I think Waiting For The Tide when we do it live we do a kind of extended psychedelic version of it… I play just kind of an open tune guitar and.. it was cool and we kept it up, we keep it pretty improvisational live so it was a good experience.

What would be your ultimate goal for you and the band?

Well we just kind of want to see how we go, we just want to keep on writing… we’re in the studio every day making more music, writing more music and wanting to grow and improve as a group and also as songwriters and as performers and just kind of see what happens…I mean we are, we have a lot of ambition, a lot of optimism about what we’re doing we just want to share our message with people, continue to play, we don’t want to blow our expectations out of proportion.



No doubt you miss Australia, can we expect any shows back home soon? Maybe when you’re here for the Commonwealth Games?

I think… I’d say so, I’m really pushing to be able to come back and play as much as I possibly can once we continue to establish ourselves as a band and release some more music, I’d really like to come back as much as possible…

Well, that’s all for me, is there anything else you’d like to tell your fans?

Thank you for receiving this music so well and so positively. I’m excited to share with you more and continue to grow with you on our journey.



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