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Interview with DERRICK ATTWOOD (Q&A)

Hi Derrick, thanks for taking time to chat with us, I must admit I really like your new single Jane Doe.


Derrick Attwood


Please tell me more about the basis of the song?

Answer: The song is about a relationship of missed opportunities. Basically it was slipping right through my fingers and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it. Since I like to write from personal experience I thought this might be a good idea for a song. That’s how Jane Doe came to be.


I loved that middle 8 rap, pretty impressive, is that something to expect in most of your songs coming up or is it a once off for this track?

Answer: I like to listen to rap and on the occasion, I like to write a little bit of it. I don’t think that it is something to expect in most of my songs because I am mostly a singer… however there may be some more in the future.


What was it like working with ‘The Guru’ producer Peter Holz?

Answer: Peter Holz is incredible. When I first showed him the Jane Doe demo he instantly had so many ideas and we started collaborating straight away. I like to think we make a pretty good team as half of the final track has his creative input.


Derrick Attwood


Did you play all the instruments on the recording?

Answer: I played a little on the track but the majority of the instruments in Jane Doe are programmed in. This gives it a mainstream pop sound which I love.


Your current single is pretty melodic, (Adult Contemporary) in vibe, what genre of music would you personally place yourself in?

Answer: Whenever I am asked this question I struggle with the answer. I have never really thought about a specific genre. If I had to place myself somewhere though I would probably say Alternative/Pop. Only because my music has an unusual sound.


What artist/band would you say is your biggest influence?

Answer: Michael Jackson was one of my biggest influences growing up. He was the one who made me want to pursue music as a career. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran… I admire his lyrics and style. He’s another one of my greatest influences.


Derrick Attwood


What is next for Derrick Attwood? Can we expect a tour to follow?

Answer: Well it’s only just the beginning I’m hoping. I’m in the studio currently recording my next single called “Insomnia” that I hope to release in a few months. As for a tour… I would love to do that. I think it would be amazing! Hopefully I am given the opportunity to do so soon! In the mean time I am just writing, recording and trying to get myself out there.