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Interview with DERRICK ATTWOOD (Q&A)

Hi Derrick, thanks for taking time to chat with us, I must admit I really like your new single Jane Doe.


Derrick Attwood


Please tell me more about the basis of the song?

Answer: The song is about a relationship of missed opportunities. Basically it was slipping right through my fingers and there wasn’t anything I could do to stop it. Since I like to write from personal experience I thought this might be a good idea for a song. That’s how Jane Doe came to be.


I loved that middle 8 rap, pretty impressive, is that something to expect in most of your songs coming up or is it a once off for this track?

Answer: I like to listen to rap and on the occasion, I like to write a little bit of it. I don’t think that it is something to expect in most of my songs because I am mostly a singer… however there may be some more in the future.


What was it like working with ‘The Guru’ producer Peter Holz?

Answer: Peter Holz is incredible. When I first showed him the Jane Doe demo he instantly had so many ideas and we started collaborating straight away. I like to think we make a pretty good team as half of the final track has his creative input.


Derrick Attwood


Did you play all the instruments on the recording?

Answer: I played a little on the track but the majority of the instruments in Jane Doe are programmed in. This gives it a mainstream pop sound which I love.


Your current single is pretty melodic, (Adult Contemporary) in vibe, what genre of music would you personally place yourself in?

Answer: Whenever I am asked this question I struggle with the answer. I have never really thought about a specific genre. If I had to place myself somewhere though I would probably say Alternative/Pop. Only because my music has an unusual sound.


What artist/band would you say is your biggest influence?

Answer: Michael Jackson was one of my biggest influences growing up. He was the one who made me want to pursue music as a career. Lately I have been listening to a lot of Ed Sheeran… I admire his lyrics and style. He’s another one of my greatest influences.


Derrick Attwood


What is next for Derrick Attwood? Can we expect a tour to follow?

Answer: Well it’s only just the beginning I’m hoping. I’m in the studio currently recording my next single called “Insomnia” that I hope to release in a few months. As for a tour… I would love to do that. I think it would be amazing! Hopefully I am given the opportunity to do so soon! In the mean time I am just writing, recording and trying to get myself out there.



My nickname is “The Amnplifier”. Why? Because around here my focus is on being a conduit for providing greater outcomes that people come here for. My day to day “work” is living in the moment, and I love helping others concentrate on finding their connection to themselves through their experiences.

Why start a music environment? The truth is I love music, I love writing, and I love life. I work with musicians every day, and I feel certain that I will be until they put me in the ground. I have been managing people in businesses of some sort for over thirty five years so along the way I have developed some “wisdom” from my regular and constant “observations”.

Amnplify your experience. That is what we want you to do here, and if you want to let me know why you do, or don’t, shoot me a message on Facebook.

Hope you enjoy yourself here and find something that hits you somewhere.