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DJ Sammy // The Ultimate Wild Tour


Samuel Bouriah, better known by his stage name DJ Sammy has been working in the entertainment industry since the 80s!

In his almost thirty years in the music industry DJ Sammy has released five albums, worked with artists like Enrique Iglesias and provided party beats in some of the biggest nightclubs around the world. Younger fans will know DJ Sammy for his no.1 charting remix of Bryan Adam’s Heaven released in 2002 on his second studio album.

Australia’s biggest club brand ‘WILD’ are bringing DJ Sammy along with a stack of other international DJs down under for the Ultimate Wild Tour. Tickets are selling fast so to check out the rest of the lineup and grab tickets here. AMNplify staff writer Brianna Denmeade got the opportunity to have a phone interview with DJ Sammy to talk about his music career, new music and coming to Australia for the Ultimate Wild Tour – have a read!


Hello Brianna, How are you?


Hey DJ Sammy, I’m awesome. How are you?

I’m fantastic. Better can not be! I learn this all my life if you know how to party you should know how to wake up early.


What are you up to right now?

Actually, I’m in Ibiza. Last night I was playing until five in the morning, and I’ve got to go play again in forty-five minutes.


You sound so busy, but do you love it over there?

It’s fantastic! It is so lovely you cannot imagine. The biggest parties in the world, Spain is where I grow up and where I love.


And you’ll be in Australia for the Ultimate Wild Tour this November.

Yes, I’m coming! I am excited.


Have you been to Australia before?

Yes, darling, I have been only once in my life before. When I was touring and my album was very big in Australia. I toured the country with Bon Jovi and Shaggy, so I had a lot of fun but it was ten days in and out so I did not visit your country the way that I want. So this time, I will make time.


What have you got planned for the show? There are more than seven international DJs on the lineup!

The plan is going to be to blow up the places with this lovely tour we have organised. It’s going to be fantastic! Going to be like great parties, they’ll be listening live to all the DJs. The people will enjoy it, we will have fun. Just tell them, be ready for me in November darling.


DJ Sammy

DJ Sammy // The Ultimate Wild Tour

Can fans expect to hear some of your old hits?

Of course, of course! Heaven and Boys Of Summer are one of the most classic dance music in history and they should be played. They are still played all around the world today.


It is impressive that you have been working in the music industry more than thirty years, but you’ve only had a few big hits. What has kept you going?

Music is my passion! I was born to do it, and I will keep doing it until I die.


Can we expect to hear some new music on the tour?

Yes, yes. You know what darling? I have been writing a lot of stuff over the year, which has been very successful all over the world but by contract, I am not allowed to say some of the music – I have been producing for other artists. In November, I will be doing some stuff! You guys will be surprised. I have a very great remix of Heaven. I have something really great to offer to the crowds!


You are known for creating a fun atmosphere, it sounds like it is going to be a great tour!

It can not go wrong darling. With this positive energy and fun, it can never go wrong!


What are you most looking forward to about touring Australia?

What I am looking forward to most is to see my aussie friends. So many fans have been asking me to come to Australia so all of those people will have the opportunity in November to see it live. That makes me really, really, really happy. I’m going to be visiting your country to discover things about Australia that I had no time to do last time I was there. Woohoo!


Thanks for the chat, good luck with your set!

Thank you, Brianna!


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