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Interview with Ezekiel of Superheist

After a 13 year hiatus, ARIA nominated, Australian metal outfit Superheist are back and coming in hot with their heavy hitting ‘Raise Hell’ AAA Side + tour. Amnplify’s Julie spoke to lead vocalist Ezekiel Ox about touring, change in band members and so much more, Check it out:


Julie: Congratulations on the regrouping [*not* a comeback 😉 ! ]
How does it feel to be working together again?


Ezekiel: Ha! I think it’s safe to call it a comeback now! I think dw and I (Ezekiel Ox) had an instant connection, we worked out pretty quickly what was and wasn’t working within the group, fixed what needed to be fixed and got stronger. It’s great to have Si Durrant back on the bass after nearly 20 years off, he’s a legend, and the new material is sounding tip-top.


Congratulations also on the October 2016 release of your latest album Ghosts of the Social Dead which reached #3 on the AIR charts. How does it feel to have old and new fans alike be so excited by, and receptive to, your new music?


It’s heartening to know that Ghosts was received so well. It’s a great record, dw and I had so much fun writing it, and even more fun recording it in LA at NRG, the home of alt-metal.


I have been watching Superheist videos on YouTube over and over again. I can’t get enough of your music. For the uninitiated, how would you describe nu-metal? Also, how does nu-metal differ from other types of metal music?


That’s great to hear that you’re digging it! I think Superheist’s sound is honest, simple and powerful, like saying I love you, it’s simple, but it doesn’t need anything else. It says “there’s the moshpit, here’s the riff and hook, let’s go”.  A lot of bands are cerebral and driven by trends, but our sound comes from the heart and the hips.


I am going to buy your four albums. I can’t wait to drive around in my “LA Lilac” Nissan Micra, blasting your cds for all my fellow drivers to enjoy. If you weren’t in Superheist, would you be fans of the band and, like me, would you buy the four albums?


Well, I was a fan of Superheist back in the day, particularly on the live circuit, they had a good energy and focus, so yeah! It’s pretty clear a lot of folks are stoked we’re back.


Ezekiel, your vocal abilities are undeniable. I was/I am seriously impressed. Not only have you got an amazing, pitch perfect rock voice, I can just imagine you playing the lead in musicals like We Will Rock You, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Rent. At what age did you recognise your obviously natural singing prowess would lead you to front bands as a career? Also, do you come from a musical family?  


Thanks! I knew I was a standout singer by 7, and started lessons at 12, moving through folk, rock, musical theatre and then into metal. The fronting bands started early, in high school, sneaking into pubs to play Slayer covers at 15. Eventually, I trained at WAAPA, got my musical theatre degree and went into MAMMA MIA! in 2001. My family listened to music a lot, and supported me in my trip, but I’m the only one who can play.



A serious question (don’t be shy): Approximately when, in your history, did you each realise that Superheist would be a band to be reckoned with?  


Well, from my perspective, I knew they were doing well from the outside looking in. I was in Full Scale wanting to support them. But honestly now I’m a part of it, it feels like we’ve got so much more to achieve, but that we are more of a force than ever. You can’t kill the riffs, and we’re not stopping anytime soon.


There have been a few band member changes over the years. What are some of the positives and the negatives of changing bandmates?


It’s always positive. Sometimes certain members grieve the changes more than others, that natural. But it’s always progressing, and keeping the band moving forward. There’s no time to reflect on the ups and downs, we’re busy making more!


Bands are like a pseudo family. How do you resolve conflict if it arises?


Sack people, it’s like getting a divorce and deciding who the kids live with.  Seriously though, dw and my sons are the same age and best mates, they jam together already with Wednesday dw’s daughter on the drums. So the new Superheist line-up is as family as it gets, and we’re loving the current line-up.


How was it like to work with award winning producer Jay Baumgardner?


Jay’s a really great guy, super relaxed and loves the LA lifestyle. He’s also great at putting the right teams together to get results. We are so proud of the work we did on Ghosts, it’s a fucking awesome record.


Which songs, in particular, make your crowds go nuts when you play them live?


Pulse, Flick The Switch and Raise Hell will.


You are touring in June/July around Australia. What do you do to chill out between gigs? 


Few beers, maybe a spliff for me, talk about the footy. Me and dw are both keen AFL fans. Demons and Saints.


Do you, as a band, have a bucket list of musicians you would like to collaborate with? 


Not really. We contacted Vanilla Ice’s manager, might get him to spit 36 bars. Other than that, we’re happy and busy.


Can you each share your most favourite 5 cds that you continue to play whenever the mood takes you?   


You’ll have to settle for just mine:

– James Taylor – Live At The Mermaid

– Pantera – Far Beyond Driven

– Bruce Springsteen – The River

– The Prodigy – Fat Of The Land

– Rage Against The Machine – Evil Empire


Lastly! You were sporting some pretty groovy, glam rock inspired, long hair back in the early 90s. Personally, I miss “hair bands”! Who styles your look for gigs and music videos and album covers? Do musos even use stylists?


We do all of that ourselves, we know what looks and sounds good.


Thanks for the chat guys. Good luck with your upcoming tour and I wish you continued success. 


Friday June 16 – Croxton Park Hotel – Melbourne
Supports: Frankenbok + Dreadnaught

Saturday June 17 – Fowlers Live – Adelaide
Supports: Frankenbok + Dreadnaught

Friday June 23 – The Grand Hotel – Mornington
Supports: Frankenbok + Dreadnaught + Rival Fire

Saturday June 24 – The Brightside – Brisbane
Supports: Frankenbok + Dreadnaught

Friday June 30 – The Bald Faced Stag – Sydney
Supports: Frankenbok + Dreadnaught + Rival Fire

SaturdayJuly 1 – The Cambridge – Newcastle
Supports: Frankenbok + Dreadnaught + Rival Fire

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