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Straight from the heart of Cronulla, the 4-piece Indie Rock fit out FRIPPS AND FRIPPS are one of the top bands to watch in the area. With an affinity for playing gigs in multi-coloured dressing gowns, and the primary interest of the band being ‘beer’, this high energy and crowd-commanding crew have cemented themselves as a stand-out for live performances. I caught up with BAILEY STEVENSON (vocals/guitar) and KEITH ANDERSON (drums) to have a chat about their recent Cigarettes for Breakfast tour and their involvement with Australian Music Week.


Fripps and Fripps



Hey guys, thanks for being here. You boys performed at Hifi Days back in 2015, and are played for Aus Music Week last night, how has this time been different?

Bailey: Well, we only got to play four songs, thats how its been different, we got cut off last night because we ran out of time, still a lot of fun.

Keith: The crowd was intense for most of the night, it was a big crowd.


Fripps and Fripps are coming off the back of their national Cigarettes for Breakfast tour. How was the experience?

Bailey: Tiring.

Keith: Delusional.

Bailey: Rewarding though, and fun, it was good times going up and down the coast, meeting people, drinking beer. Keen for a can?


You’ve only been on the music scene since 2015, a relatively short period of time, what was it like to see people from areas other than your local knowing your music?

Bailey: Yeah its always sort of a surprise, its good fun. theres always been, especially on this tour, a couple of people per gig that recognise us and are singing our songs, and we’re trying to figure out if any of us know them. Its been good, its a bit of a change of pace, and people are generally pretty lovely.


Fripps and Fripps


The bands been playing a heap of gigs recently, and selling out venues all over Sydney. Now we’re seeing Fripps pop up on festival lineups as well, with Mountain Sounds festival in February next year being one of the most notable. How keen are you guys to be playing such a large scale show? And how do you think it will compare to the gigs you’ve been playing on your tour?

Keith: We are SO excited for mountain sounds, we have a pretty good time slot, theres so many other good acts on the lineup.

Bailey: Yeah we got slotted in with some pretty good bands.

Keith: We’ve been treated very well by the people at mountain sounds. And the launch party was sick about two weeks ago.

Bailey: And mountain sounds is such a good fucking festival, its good to be a part of.

Keith: Its good to see it growing too, we both went last year, and it was good but this year its like two days, with a way bigger lineup.

Bailey: feels good to be a part of.


What do you think the significance of Australian music week is for the music culture in Cronulla, especially for up and coming bands like yourselves?

Keith: I reckon Aus Music Week has come so far considering it only started three years ago and it was pretty small.

Bailey: it was just a little thing that Geoff Trio whipped up.

Keith: Yeah and like to see so many people in the area actually coming out and getting into it, and all over, all the different stages were packed.

Bailey: Its been so good to help showcase some local talent.

Keith: and on good gear too, like seeing a band at Brass Monkey is cool but seeing one on a festival stage, it changes everything.

Bailey: Makes the bands look good, makes the area look good, makes Aus music look good.


Where can we catch you guys playing next?

Keith: Next gig is in Manly, opening for the pinheads on the 23rd.





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