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Interview with Hurricane Fall

What a fitting name this band has, because they’re about to create a true hurricane down under once again!

Tamworth born and raised four-piece Hurricane Fall dwell the beautiful shores of Newcastle, New South Wales creating music and causing all kinds of musical havoc around the place… But not for long! This Country Rock fusion vibe is right on the train and coming to a town near you in 2017! What have the guys been up to and what have they got in store? Comprised of Jesse, Pepper, Jimmy and Dusty, the guys have recently returned from the Tamworth Country Music Festival where they fired up the stage in true Hurricane Fall style! Let’s read on…

First of all, welcome! Thank you for chatting today! The start of 2017 has been super fun for you as a band with your attendance at the Tamworth Country Music Festival for the second year running! Hurricane Fall are no strangers to the stage. How was it? Any highlights?

This year’s Tamworth Country Music Festival was awesome! Playing the opening concert was definitely a highlight for us, as was seeing fans – new and old – singing along to our originals and wanting to buy our music to take home with them.  We enjoy every festival opportunity as it’s a great place to meet new fans who share our passion and are keen to support us on our journey!


You smashed your way into the Australian music scene last year with the release of your debut self-titled EP peaking at No 2 of the iTunes country charts – can you explain the feeling and emotion you all felt when you found out this news?

Appreciation – it was the support of our fans who enabled us to reach that position!


As a band, Hurricane Fall are relatively new to the Australian music scene and fall between the categories of Rock and Country thanks to your modern fusion sound. How did this come about? Who are your musical influences both individually and collectively?

Our sound is derived from a mixture of blues and modern country influences. Musical influences for us is a hard one – we draw inspiration and muse from so many artists from across so many genres. Some of the more obvious influences would have to be: Keith Urban, Florida Georgia Line, Frankie Ballard, John Mayer and Eric Clapton.


Bringing your true modern Country Rock sound, you released your second EP How We Get Down on December 23rd last year and your new single of the same name was released just four weeks later; once again debuting in the top FIVE of the iTunes Country charts. Can you explain the writing process for both the single and the EP? Choosing four songs at the end must have been hard enough work!

As a band we tend to compose ideas for songs individually and then share these with one another at rehearsals. From there we collaborate to develop the concepts into the finished product that our fans hear. Choosing tracks for the EP was definitely a challenging task, however we made our decisions based on what we believed fans would react to and engage with, the tunes we believed would have the greatest impact on the greatest number of listeners.


What inspires you as a band to write new music?

We are inspired by the time we spend on the road, the experiences we have and the people we meet. We are also inspired by the everyday things in life.


What was it like to produce your own EP? Writing your own songs alone can be a lengthy process so taking on the additional task of producing your music must have been a crazy fun time!

It was awesome! We are all pretty much control freaks and know how we want the songs to sound, so to bring that vision to life is very rewarding.


To people who don’t know who Hurricane Fall are, how would you sum up your band in two words and your single How We Get Down in two sentences?

Melodic Madness. How We Get Down is a song about the hectic life on the road in Hurricane Fall. It was written by Jimmy after coming back from a tour.


With the EP and single release, you also released the music video for How We Get Down in December. What was the idea behind the music video? What was it like to finally bring your music to life behind the camera for the whole world to see?

It was so much fun filming the video. The idea behind the clip: ‘the band boot camp dream’, was to illustrate how lucky we feel to be able to play music. It’s a lot of hard work but it truly is a dream come true! It was pretty fun hanging out at the beach for a day being beaten up by the girls, too (for them as well we’re sure).


You’re heading back on the road this year, starting the tour right in the heart of Caves Beach Surf Club. What can fans old and new, and others who don’t know Hurricane Fall expect to see and experience when you’re on stage?

We approach every performance with the same creed, high energy and always engage with your audience. Whether it’s your first time seeing us or the 20th, the show will be different but definitely just as fun. We consistently give 110% and love the challenge of winning over new fans! We are always testing new material at our shows and we love putting songs out and seeing the audience reaction.


Hurricane Fall are regulars on the tour circuit so it would be no surprise to hear that you live out of suitcases in true rockstar style. What do you all like to do when you have some down time or a day or two off? Do you have any hobbies or activities you like to continue while on the road?

We all love keeping fit, so the gym is a regular haunt for us, especially Pepper and Dusty. Dusty and Jesse love fishing and hitting the beach. Jimmy loves hitting the surf and often turns up to band practice on his skate board!


What does Hurricane Fall have their sights set on in 2017? New music? An album, maybe?

We are currently in the process of selecting songs for our first full length album. We have heaps of songs written and we’re about to begin the difficult process of choosing the tracks that we believe fans will love and that will have the most impact. We can’t wait to get it out there, stay tuned!

Buy Hurricane Fall’s EP – How We Get Down here


If you want to check out Hurricane Fall in action in 2017, check out the dates and locations below for more details!


Sunday 19TH February | Country at Caves | Caves Beach Surf Club – NSW

Saturday 25th February | Takin’ It To The Suburbs | Lambton Park Hotel – NSW

Saturday 4th March | Grape Fest 2017 | Shoal Haven – NSW

Saturday 11th March | Honey Suckle Hotel, Newcastle – NSW

Sunday 12th March | Catherine Hill Bay Hotel – NSW

Saturday 1st April | Coffs Harbour Rodeo, Coffs Harbour – NSW

Saturday Grape Fest 2017 | Longhorn Creek Winery – SA

Friday 28th April l Albert Hotel, Tamworth – NSW

Friday 2nd June | Johnny Ringo’s, Brisbane – QLD

Saturday 3rd June | Grape Fest 2017 | Gold Coast – QLD

Friday 10th August | Mt Isa Rodeo, Mt Isa – QLD

October 16 – 23rd | “Rock The Boat” Cruise

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