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Interview with In Stereo (Q&A)

‘In Stereo’ are a Sydney-based pop trio who have risen to fame following their performances in the 2015 season of X-Factor Australia. Since their 2015 debut, the boys in ‘In Stereo’ have released two singles and two EPs, all ranking well in the ARIA Charts. We caught up with the boys to chat about their inspirations, goals and their latest EP ‘Day in, Day out.’


What was the inspiration behind the EP?

The inspiration behind the EP was what we think of our future, what we’ve done and how we move ahead. It’s self reflective of the band and what we think and feel musically and lyrically.


 How long has ‘Day In, Day Out’ been in the works?

Some songs, like “Bad For Me” and “Don’t Wanna Go Home”, have been in the works since December 2016. We’ve poured our hearts and souls into this project over the last 8 months to make it the best that we could make it.


Which bands/musicians inspire you?

We all have different inspirations in music and as a group we bring all those influences together. We love to create pop music and always look up to other pop artists.


It’s been two years since your X-Factor debut, where do you see the band heading in the next two years/what are your goals?

In the last two years we’ve achieved more than we ever imagined. It’s hard to predict where we will be 2 years from now, but we hope to keep growing and working to be the best we can be!


If you could tour with any artist who would it be?

Touring is what we love the most about anything regarding music. We would be honoured and humbled to tour with literally anybody, too hard to pick just one artist. We love performing and meeting our audiences around the country (and maybe one day, around the world!).


Which track on the EP are you most excited to share?

We’re so excited to share every song with everyone! To be able to share songs that were so invested in is amazing. Again, too hard to pick only one!


#1 iTunes Pop Albums Chart
#4 iTunes Australian Albums Chart
#9 ARIA Australian Artist Albums Chart

July 29 Teen Vibes Sydney – Sydney Showground, Sydney
Sep 23 Teen Vibes Melbourne – Max Watts House of Music, Melbourne
More to come..

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