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In Stereo are without a doubt one of Australia’s hottest commodities right now, with their most recent EP Day In Day Out hitting No.1 on the pop charts the day of its release and their next project currently in the works, I had the pleasure to catch up with the boys and talk about new music and plans for after high school.



Boys! how are yall?

Chris –  Good!
Ethan – Good! Feeling good, how are you?
Jakob – (thumbs up)
Ethan – Cold..


So yall hinted a lot about the new EP, is there anything we should expect? How’s it going?

Chris – Yeah we’re hyping up new music.
Jakob – Very good.
Chris – Jakob especially. Jakob’s very excited. Yeah we’ve been doing a bit of writing and stuff so we’re very excited for the next project.


Is there any songs out at the moment that have like influenced the sound of it and where it’s going?

Jakob – Yeah a couple, I don’t know like, if I said any right now it’d give it away.
Chris – So yeah.
Jakob – I don’t want to do that.
Chris – We’re um yeah…it’s gonna be good.


How has your writing style changed since your first release ‘She’s Rock N Roll’?

Jakob – Um, I feel like we’ve just grown up, when we were 14 we didn’t have as many life experiences as we do right now so we didn’t have a lot to expand and write upon whereas now that we’re like almost all 17 years old it’s a completely different story and we can write about different stories and life events that have occurred for us over the last 3 years so..
Chris – Yeah, and I think you can hear that change pretty clearly through like the 3 projects that we’ve worked on, you can sort of, from the first one to the third one has been that development and yeah.


You can buy this HERE


Your sound has really matured in your recent release so is there anything you’d change from your earlier stuff?

Chris –  I think…
Ethan – I don’t think I’d change anything about it, because it just goes to show how much we’ve changed.
Chris – Yeah…
Ethan – So I wouldn’t touch any of our old stuff, that’s not to say that I think it’s the greatest work in the world but you know that’s the fun of it we’re improving.
Chris – It’s all part of the growth.


Do you think social media has influenced your career?

Chris – Yeah absolutely! I think social media is one of the keys to like to music and anything really in the creative entertainment business these days. You’ve gotta…like social media can be such powerful tool and I think for sure that we’ve um…yeah we’ve been really lucky to have such a strong and loyal following on social media it’s been great.


How does it feel knowing social media can ruin your career just as easily?

Chris – It can cause I mean just how quickly things can get around and whatever like I guess…
Ethan – That’s why you just don’t do stupid stuff.
Chris – Yeah it has worked in poor ways for people who have um…yeah things come up.
Jakob – There are pros and cons..
Chris – There are pros and cons but as long as we’re…as long as we’re good boys we’ll be fine.


What do you think your biggest achievement is so far?

Jakob – I don’t know it’s just like there’s a lot of different types of things we can achieve…
Chris – Yeah..
Ethan – I mean starting the band was the first milestone.
Jakob – And then going on every time we release a new record or a new song its always like that’s an achievement because of how much work we put into it. Um but I don’t think we’ve really hit our greatest achievement yet, yeah well the fact that we need to keep setting goals and going forward is how we can grow ourselves and make sure that we become a better band.
Chris – Day In Day Out um was like we think we’re all really proud of that cause we were very creatively involved on it and it went number one on the pop charts as soon as we released it so I think that’s…that was a pretty cool achievement.



Being so young in the industry, how do you feel about the boyband stigma surrounding you?

Jakob – I don’t think… it doesn’t really bother us that… like we don’t really see ourselves that way because um.. it’s a tag that’s very over used now and it’s a tag that’s not even a thing anymore so we just like to call ourselves a band, we don’t really care what people call us, that’s their call and stuff so that fine by us but we’re just a band, we like to play music and we like to make music cause we’re friends and you know that’s what we’re gonna do so.


So going into 2018 can you spill any upcoming plans?

Jakob – Nup!
Chris – We’re gonna keep it on the DL for now but there is some exciting stuff for sure.


Y’all finish high school next year, NSW is different I’m a bit confused…

Jakob – Yep
Chris – Yeah yeah it’s a little bit different


I would’ve graduated this week so what are your plans for after high school…keep the band going full time?

Jakob – Yeah…definitely!
Chris – Yeah I think so of course, definitely that’s the plan!



So when you go to other events, other concerts do you find yourselves taking back inspiration for your own use?

Chris – Yeah absolutely like we all love going to concerts, um I think the three of us have been to plenty of concerts this year just like individually and together and um yeah we love to watch other artists and see what they’re doing with their music and their live show and definitely take inspiration from that.


OK that’s all, is there anything yall want like your fans to know that I haven’t covered yet?

Jakob – “Let Me Show You’ video coming out 24th November or it’s out already. Make sure you guys go click it on our YouTube channel, subscribe and all that stuff!
Ethan – “Go click it”


Better get that plug!

Ethan – Hell yeah!
Jakob – But um yeah um.. keep posted cause we’re gonna have some cool stuff coming out soon!


Can’t wait!

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