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by Chloe Jover-Anderson


Mayday Parade


Florida’s favourite pop-punk quintet MAYDAY PARADE have announced their anticipated return to NZ & Australia this October, in celebration of the 10th anniversary of their iconic cult classic debut album A Lesson In Romantics.


“We are stoked to celebrate our 10th anniversary of our debut record A Lesson in Romantics,” guitarist Brooks Betts says. “We want to reminisce on the memory with our fans. Especially with those who have been with us for so many years. We would like to invite you all to share the experience with us.”


MAYDAY PARADE has amassed one of the most loyal and avid fan bases in their 12 years of vitality, making them a global force. Their energizing live shows and beloved hits are adored by many, with hits like Jamie All Over’, ‘Miserable At Best and Jersey’ propelling their success from the get go.

Watch 2 great clips from the album: MISERABLE AT BEST & JAMIE ALL OVER


Mayday Parade


We got the chance to have a quick q + a with Jake Bundrick of Mayday Parade in relation to Mayday Parades upcoming tour to Australia.


A Lesson in Romantics was Mayday Parade’s debut album and was released in 2007. Did you ever think you were going to go from promoting Tales Told By Dead Friends to fans outside Warped Tour (circa 2006) to touring internationally on a 10yr anniversary tour?

We had no idea but it’s truly an honor.


This is the fifth tour of Australia in as many years. What keeps MAYDAY PARADE keep coming back to Australia? Especially in such a short amount of time.

We just have a blast every time we come over. The shows are always so much fun. You guys keep us coming back.


Clubs, Theatres or festivals, do you have a preference?

All three have their own perks but I think I enjoy theaters the most. The bigger stages really allow the band to do their thing and put on a quality show without restrictions like not having enough room onstage in a club. 


Do you have a memorable gig for you that you’ll never be able to forget?
(I’ve been to numerous shows of yours and have witnessed breakups and even a proposal) No show can ever be the same as one another – does that give you are certain sense or feeling when you go on / leave the stage?

We played a show in Toronto and during the encore a fan of ours crowd surfed and made it to the stage. He climbed up and was just screaming the words to the crowd. Unfortunately, a poorly trained security guy mistook his singing emotionally for something different and rather than gingerly escort the guy from the stage, he decided to slam him on the floor which instantly made me stop playing in the back. It was totally uncalled for. The band and the other security had our words with the security guy in the wrong right in front of everyone. I’m just glad the kid that was slammed was okay. I wonder if he’ll ask for an encore again. 


How have your live performances evolved since you first began playing music together?

Man, we used to suck. Haha. You learn a lot when you play as many shows as we have. You learn what you like and what you don’t like. We’ve just become better musicians playing together….more of a unit. 


The band has been previously quoted in regards to this tour; “We want to reminisce on the memory with our fans. Especially with those who have been with us for so many years. We would like to invite you all to share in the experience with us.”. How have fans been reacting to this tour so far?

It’s been incredible. The shows are just nostalgic. It’s a surreal feeling that can’t be explained. We wrote the music because we loved it and we’re so stoked people connected the way they did. And for this record to still be around today speaks to each of us. 


Fearless Records played and still play a huge supporting role in the band’s career , how do you think that has impacted on the success of Mayday Parade?

Fearless has played a very large roll in advancing our careers. It just goes to show you, if someone believes in you and is willing to invest love, time and money, then it can go a long way. We owe them greatly. They still continue to do wonderful things for us today.


During this tour, you’re playing venues you have previously been to, do certain venues stick out to you from memory? Are there certain reasons you have chosen these venues or  have they been chosen prior to you knowing?

I’m usually a show up and play guy. You could tell the venue name and the city and I wouldn’t have a clue until I walk into the room. It usually takes a certain story about that day to really trigger a memory of the venue for me.


The timing of this tour (In relation to Australian dates); are you ready for a little Spring getaway. Not too hot, not too cold.

Dude yes! Honestly…we’ve actually experienced some great weather on this tour so we’ve been pretty lucky.


You’ve toured Australia countless times before, are there still aussie snacks you are yet to try? Or are there some certain snacks you cant wait to get your hands on again.

I’m a sucker for the white chocolate Tim Tams. It’s my nightmare haha.


In the ten years and more MAYDAY PARADE have been around, what for you would have to be the most rewarding experience?

Just being able to do this full time is an incredible experience. We knew we were doing something special from day one and we still think that today. 


This isn’t just any ordinary tour either… MAYDAY PARADE will be bringing along acoustic duo THIS WILD LIFE! The Cali-born internet sensation took the world by storm after the release of their critically acclaimed debut album Clouded.  Returning to Australia with their sophomore album Low Tides in tow, don’t miss one of the most captivating live acts.




MAYDAY PARADE return to where it all began, giving longtime diehards a once off special experience.  Having sold out multiple shows on their last tour, don’t miss MAYDAY PARADE on their A Lesson In Romantics 10th Anniversary Tour!





Tuesday October 10Kings Arms, Auckland (18+) *

Thursday October 12Enmore Theatre, Sydney (Licensed /All Ages)

Friday October 13170 Russell, Melbourne (18+)

Saturday October 14Arrow On Swanston, Melbourne (All Ages)

Sunday October 15Eatons Hill Hotel, Brisbane (Licensed /All Ages)

Tuesday October 17The Gov, Adelaide (Licensed /All Ages)

Wednesday October 18Metro City, Perth (18+)


* This Wild Life not appearing







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