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Interview with Judah Kelly

THE VOICE winner JUDAH KELLY will perform at the iconic GYMPIE MUSIC MUSTER this year. After taking out THE VOICE title on Sunday and hitting #1 on the iTunes chart with his new single, COUNT ON ME, King Judah made time in his busy schedule to talk to Amnplify’s Pauli Dee about The Voice, The Muster and the future…

Pauli: Hi Judah. Thanks so much for chatting with us. First of all, congratulations on winning The Voice Australia on Sunday.

Judah: Thank you.

Have you managed to get much rest yet?

No, not yet. Once the show was done, we had a wrap-up party and then I had a whole half an hour sleep and then it was time to go to work, so now the hard work starts, but it’s all part of it.

What’s a bigger highlight for you? Winning THE VOICE or your debut single, “Count On Me” hitting #1 on the iTunes chart?

I’d have to say winning The Voice was the highlight, because the single going to #1 doesn’t happen unless winning The Voice happens first. The fact that people took time to vote, to download the song and help me win is why it’s #1. It’s just mind-blowing!

You’ve got a few in the top 20 at the moment. Hallelujah is at #6 and your version of Purple Rain is at #18, so three all up in the top 20’s a pretty good effort!

Yeah that’s just crazy. The support I’ve had from people is what makes this whole thing so special. Coming into it, I didn’t see myself making it very far, let alone winning, but just to know that people really do like what I’m doing and they do appreciate the music that I’m making is something really special.

Troy Cassar-Daley has been very vocal in his support for you on social media. Have you seen his Facebook posts?

Yeah I have. I’ve known Troy for a couple of years and what he done is something really special. He doesn’t have to do that at all, but for him to take the time to write a couple of posts to support me is really cool.

It’s been announced today that you’ve been added to the Gympie Music Muster Line-up.

Correct! I’ve played the Music Muster a few times, but usually as a backing guitarist or playing for other people, so we’re just really looking forward to getting there as a singer this time. We’ll start recording the album on Friday and then we’ll try and start putting together a set list for the gig.

The Gympie Music Muster is a four-day event. Do you plan on hanging around for the full four days?

Oh yeah! I’ll definitely be there for the entire four days, yep!

You have a bit of a history with the festival. Tell us a bit about that.

Well it was a while ago now, 2011 I entered the talent quest that they had and came runners up. I was really young but just to get up on that stage is something that I’ll always remember and I can’t wait to do it again.

Have you seen the line-up for this year?

Yes, I have and it’s pretty amazing. I love Jessica Maubouy, I think she’ll do a great set. Reece Mastin is another great one that will be playing. There’s so many, I’m really looking forward to seeing them all.

Lyn Bowtell, a friend of yours from The Voice will also be playing there, right?

She sure is!

Did you know her before The Voice?

I did! I’ve known her since about 2011 as well. We’ve crossed paths quite a few times, doing different gigs and with different people I’ve played for, so yeah I’ve known Lyn for a while.

I noticed a series of signatures on your guitar the other night on the TV. Who’s signatures are they?

Yeah, I have Felicity Urquhart, Troy Cassar-Daley’s on there and I’ve got The McClymont sisters on there as well.

They’re all inspirations to you?

Absolutely. I got The McClymonts to sign my guitar when I opened a concert for them in… 2011 I think it was, so I just wanted something special to remember that moment by.

How do you feel about performing without your guitar?

I don’t mind it too much. Obviously I love playing my guitar and that’s where I’m quite comfortable, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of things that aren’t too comfortable for me and that’s all part of learning and becoming the best artist I can be…

Sounds good, now you mentioned earlier that you’re about to record the album.
Have you met with Universal to begin works on that yet?

Yeah I had a few meetings today, so we’ll start recording on Friday and it will be released on July 28th, so a very quick turn-around!

Hahaha good luck with it. Are there any talks of a tour?

I think we’ll see how the singles and the album goes and if the opportunity’s there, I definitely want to take that. I’d love to take it out there and play it, it’s just a matter of if people want to hear me come out and play it!

I know you had laryngitis over the last couple of weeks. How’s the voice feeling?

Yeah my voice is still a little croaky, but we’re slowly getting over it and that’s just part of life. Delta actually made it a lot easier because she did so much work outside of the show hours that she didn’t really have to do. As soon as she heard I had laryngitis, she was setting up appointments with her doctors and to help me get better as quickly as possible and she’s always checking up on me just to see how I’m going, which really shows what a cool human she is.

One of your most popular moments on The Voice was singing “Climb Every Mountain” yet you’ve said that you haven’t seen THE SOUND OF MUSIC. Are you going to try and make time to watch that?

Hahaha, I suppose I probably should, shouldn’t I? …I actually thought the song was from MARY POPPINS, but was later informed that it wasn’t…

Are you telling me you haven’t seen MARY POPPINS either?

Umm, no. Maybe I should get onto that as well!

Man, what do you have against Julie Andrews? She’s a really cool chick!

Hahaha, absolutely nothing!

Mate, some people might only know of your Voice victory and see you as an “overnight” success. A lot of people may not know that you’ve actually been singing and gigging for many many years. Do you think you could have won the Voice and had your #1 single if you hadn’t have had all those years of experience behind you?

Umm, that’s a really good question. It’s hard to answer because I do have those years of experience and that’s what has lead me here.
I don’t think I could have. I did a show like this before and it didn’t work because I was just too young and I wasn’t ready and obviously I didn’t know it at the time, but looking back now, I just wasn’t ready. Luckily this time I was ready and came out the other side the winner!

Do you have any advice for young singers that are trying to make their music a career?

Absolutely, just give it a go. Give it a go and take advantage of every opportunity that you can find. Just say “yes” and be open to opportunities.

Good advice. Thanks for chatting to us King Judah! What do you think of that title? It’s sort of stuck with the media.

Hahaha I suppose it’s flattering. It’s not something that I’ll use myself, but if other people want to, feel free. I could be called worse!

‘Count on Me’ is available to download and stream on Apple Music HERE.


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Adam Brand – Busby Marou – Graeme Connors
Amber Lawrence – Travis Collins – Sunny Cowgirls
Catherine Britt – Fanny Lumsden – Troy Kemp
Caitlyn Shadbolt – Dean Ray – Adam Eckersley Band
Reece Mastin – Davidson Brothers – Kirsty Lee Akers – Hillbilly Goats – Bondi Cigars
Anne Kirkpatrick – Bushwackers – Mason Rack
Chad Morgan – Missy Lancaster – Travellin’ Still
The Songs of Slim Dusty with Pete Denahy & the Travelling Country Band and MORE…

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