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Kate Voegele One Tree Hill

Kate Voegele // One Tree Hill






Hey, Brianna, how are you? 

Hi, I’m good thanks. Thank you for taking the time to chat with AMNplify.

Of course! 

So, you’ve recently toured across the US, and have plans to come to Australia. Are you excited?

I am getting ready to fly to Australia really soon. We are touring again in the US afterwards, but for right now I am all focused on this Australian tour. I am packing up my guitar and checking stuff off my list. I can’t wait. 

So how long will you be touring Australia, and from when?

We are touring for about a month through December 2018. Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth, and at some locations we will be doing two shows. So we’re gonna be running all over the place, so it’s going to be totally crazy, but I’m so excited. I’ve never been to Australia. 

Oh, that’s awesome. You’ll love it here.

Yeah, but I can’t believe how far it is. And I’m from California, as close as you can get from the US but I have a feeling it will be worth it. 

It’s a beautiful country. And you’ll be playing all the big cities so you’re going to see some of the best and play to some great crowds.

I can’t wait. I’ve always wanted to go.

It is going to be good for you to get your music down under for fans, and I have heard your live performances are authentic and organic.

Yeah, totally. I am so excited, I’ve had fans from Australia on social media that have asked me to book tours down there, but I had no idea how many tickets we’d sell. It’s just been so incredible to see the reception, and I can’t wait to meet and hang out with my Australian fans and friends. 

It’s awesome that you can feel a strong reaction to your music from Australia. You had an interesting progression from One Tree Hill to full-time muso, how would describe your journey?

I’ve had a pretty exciting journey over the past ten years. I got signed to a music label when I was in college, MySpace Records, which at the time was the biggest social network out there. So it was a cool way to get started at the start of the social media craze, and how it became such a huge tool for artists. So, I started touring, and one-day went to an audition for a show called One Tree Hill because I was told that if I got the role I would get to play a song on an episode. I thought that would be an amazing way to share my music, and I got the part, which turned into doing four seasons on the show. It was really unexpected but I got to share so much music on the show, and, you know? I really just got to connect with the shows massive, incredible fan-base. That really helped me to make my next couple of records, and start touring the world, and it’s been so incredible how it all kind of came together. I am touring internationally, and I love to travel, I’m working on a new album, I want to keep making music and keep growing as an artist. 

It sounds like life hasn’t really stopped since being signed with Myspace Records. So would you say that now your main focus is your music?

Yeah, pretty much, but I think it is still not limited to that. I see music as being my first passion, but the acting was this incredible experience. And really, what I found out on One Tree Hill, is that acting is story-telling just like writing songs. So they are not so much different, and I feel I will definitely do more acting if the right role came along. So I see my life filled with making records, looking into other acting roles, and, I was a design student before I dropped out of College to make music, so I have a lot of passion for drawing, painting and creating.

You seem very creative.

Yeah, I was the artsy kid. I was bad at the sports, and I’ve married a guy who plays professional lacrosse player, haha. 

It’s pretty great because all of those skills and passions can kind of intertwine throughout your career.

Yeah, absolutely. That is definitely the coolest part when I realised how much those things all work together and compliment each other. I really find that it is easier to be inspired as a songwriter if I have other influences from the entertainment industry and that has been very cool to discover. 

You mentioned being a design student before dropping out of college, when did you make the choice that music would be your first passion?

Well, simultaneously in high school, I was writing music from when I was fourteen so it was something I had always been doing. I was playing shows in college on the side, but painting and drawing were definitely my favourite thing to do as a kid. So in high school, I was working on two things, my art, and my music. They’ve always kind of worked together, but music kind of naturally stepped to the forefront when I got to college and I started getting a bunch of interest. And when I was offered to sign with a record label it was kind of one of those opportunities in life where if I didn’t take it, it would be gone. So I just picked up and run with it, and this is where it has taken me. 


Kate Voegele New music AMNplify

Kate Voegele


That sounds like it was a natural transition. Who have been your musical influences, or inspired your sound?

That’s a great question. There is so many. Definitely, a lot of the stuff my parents listened to when I was little influenced me. They had great taste in music, we listened to a lot of 70s stuff like James Taylor and Carol King. And then classic stuff like The Beatles and Michael Jackson and I feel like that gave me an excellent foundation for understanding how to write a great song. And then there is this artist named Patty Griffin who is this American folk singer-songwriter who somebody gave me a CD of when I first started writing songs and she is one of my all-time favourites! 

You mentioned a few of my artist inspirations there too, haha. What was it like playing Mia on One Tree Hill but playing YOUR own original music?

That part was crazy! Like, getting to play my songs on the show as a part of the storyline was so incredibly cool. It really is something that I had never experienced before so it was awesome to get to share my music in that unique way with the fans of the show. Because you know there was something really special about not only a lot of people being able to hear my songs but also being able to see me play and getting to know my character who did have a lot of similarities to my personality so people got to know me a little bit through the show. It was different from having a song be a massive radio hit, you know? It was really unique in that way.

You’re a part of a tv show that is iconic for its time. You and Tyler Hilton, who also played a character on One Tree Hill. Is this a fairly new collaboration or did you come together on the show years ago?

Tyler and I have been performing together for about two years now. And the funny thing is that our characters were never on the TV show One Tree Hill together never the same episode or even much of the same seasons. We became friends because of the show but we had never worked together until the past few years. I think that will be really cool for fans because it will be two musicians they will know from the show that they never saw perform or interact together on TV so it’s a really cool collaboration. It’s something that is really fun to keep doing all over the world.

I love it. How would you describe your own sound, how is it different from other folk singer-songwriters?

I would say currently I have sort of a 70s California sound. It’s like a road trip sound I like to call it. That’s my favourite stuff to write, easy to listen to on a long drive probably because you love to travel and spend so much time touring. I think that’s definitely the vibe. 

Sounds like your music reflects you perfectly. Lastly, here’s a fun one. What is one song fans might be surprised you like?

Oh, like a guilty pleasure song? Haha. I have to say Despacito, I’m not sure if it got big over in Australia but all of my friends are so sick of me signing it. Haha. I don’t know if I’ll ever get sick of Despacito

It was great chatting with you, good luck with your upcoming tour schedule.

We can’t wait for the tour. It’s going to be crazy! Thanks, Brianna.

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