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Interviewer – Esther Triffitt



Ambient/electronic multi-instrumentalist LILAH is pleased to return with her sophomore single ‘Pushed Your Hands’. Here Esther Triffitt asks LILAH a few questions.



What inspired your latest single ‘Pushed Your Hands’?

A darker time of my life that I felt I had to write about and let go of. I was definitely struggling when I wrote this song and it was therapeutic for me to write down everything I was feeling rather than keeping it all in. 


What musicians/bands have inspired you in creating your own unique sound?

Lana Del Rey, Flume and The 1975 would be the top three. It all began when I first saw Lana perform live. I was so in awe of her voice and the way she connected with the audience that I knew that was something I wanted to do. Flume played a big part influencing my earlier music through the way I experimented with sounds in the computer program I use Abelton Live. The 1975 are a band I have just started listening to over the past two years, but I absolutely love with their earlier material. Musically and lyrically I love the way the band writes, it really inspires me with creating sounds and write about different things.


Regarding your previous moniker ‘Indigo Daze’, do you see your most recent release as a new era in your music career?

Definitely. The name LILAH is more suited to me and it was for sure time for a fresh start. The music hasn’t changed drastically, but this is a name I really connect with.


Is your new single premise of what we can expect from new music in the future?

My EP will be slightly different from both ‘Hold Me’ and ‘Pushed Your Hands.’ There will still be layers of those songs that sit within my new music, but I think there is also a lot I haven’t shown yet.


Where can we look forward to seeing you in the coming year?

I have my first little show of the year at Bloodhound (Brisbane) on the 4th of January! I’m really looking forward to playing live a lot next year. My live set consists of myself on a midi keyboard looping tracks and singing, whilst my amazing friend and violin player, Jason, plays strings that melt my heart! I’m hoping to do some travel and possibly play a few shows overseas too! 



What was the music scene in Brisbane like while you were forming your own musical sound?

For me I always felt the Brisbane music scene was heavily focused on indie male dominated bands. That’s beginning to change and it’s great and there are so many amazing talented people coming out of Brisbane! A big influence of mine from Brisbane would have to be Danny Harley (The Kite String Tangle). I was so impressed when I saw one of his first shows and it really inspired me with electronic music and realising how much of it I could do on my own without a full band! Artists like Seavera Wafia, and GRIMMER are all amazing artists out of Brisbane who are doing incredible things!


What personal advice would you give to someone wanting to pursue a career in music?

Be prepared to spend all your money on it, live at home, and keep your full time job. I know that sounds really negative but I wish someone told me that! There is SO much that goes on behind the scenes just to even get one song out that so many people do not see. It’s a lot of time, money, and hard work. However, don’t give up just because you haven’t seen results yet, but only do it if you really really love it. 


Having your singles on Triple J Unearthed, how important is Triple J to you in terms of the growing Australian music industry?

Having support from Triple J is always a great and very positive thing, however it isn’t the only way and it isn’t everything. What Triple J can do for musicians in Australia is incredible but I also know it can become such a focus of “will Triple J like/play this” that it also becomes a bit of a validation thing. I think it can be quite intimidating for an upcoming musician, but I am also grateful that it exists as a massive platform for so many artists from all different genres! 


If you could write with any musician, who would it be and why?

Dave Le’aupepe and Matty Healy. I can’t choose one aha. Dave (lead singer of Gang Of Youths) is one of the best songwriters I have ever had the pleasure of listening to and his voice just melts me. Matty Healy would also be such an incredible artist to write with as well! His songs and lyrics are so unique to me. 


How do you think you have evolved as an artist since first beginning to perform and write?

In so many ways. I have definitely gained a lot more confidence and I am more open with the way I write and what I write about. I also think my sound has evolved in ways and I think it always will!


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