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Interviewer – Dani Brown

Melbourne alt-rockers The Beautiful Monument are about to embark on a seven-date tour with Australian punk rock legends Tonight Alive to show off their talents as one of the best up-and-coming bands the scene has to offer. The three-piece – made up of Lizi, Andy, and Shelby – boast musicianship unlike any other current band and are building foundations to set themselves up as a rock-solid force to be reckoned with. Their debut album I’m the Sin, released earlier this year, is a powerful record and fans across the country are looking forward to hearing it played live on the Tonight Alive tour and at UNIFY in January 2018. AMNplify’s Dani Brown had a chat with lead singer and guitarist Lizi Blanco before the band headed out on tour.

The Beautiful Monument. Photo: Ethan Zahorodnyj / Oversimplified Complications.

The Beautiful Monument. Photo: Ethan Zahorodnyj / Oversimplified Complications.


Exciting times are ahead for The Beautiful Monument! How have you been preparing for the tour with Tonight Alive?

Lots of practice, blood, sweat and tears. Also working… a lot. Touring is not cheap. In the words of Kristen Wigg in Bridesmaids: “Help me, I’m poor!”

When you were asked to play the shows, what was your reaction?

We were beyond stoked! Shel and I work together so I ran into the kitchen at work and just started yelling. Everyone was so excited not only to get back on the road, but to play shows with such an amazing Australian band.

Is there something you’re looking forward to most about touring with Tonight Alive?’

Not working for two weeks? Hahaha, I’m excited to be doing something I’m genuinely passionate about. I’m eager to meet so many new people and make new friends! The Australian music scene is actually such an incredible community to be a part of.

The Beautiful Monument.

The Beautiful Monument.

What are three things you couldn’t survive touring without?

Coffee, cigarettes and my phone hahaha.

You’re hitting up UNIFY next year, have you been before as a punter?

Oh my glob! I’m stupidly excited for Unify, I’ve been to every one so far so it’s going to be such a gnarly experience hanging on the other side of the fence this time round! I definitely cried when Shelby called me and told me we’d been sent an offer.

What’s been a highlight for you when you’ve been to UNIFY?

The biggest highlight for me is always the all-round vibes of the whole thing, everyone’s just one big happy family. I remember thinking I was going to die in the first year because of the hoard of people at 2am chanting Ötzi’s Hey Baby; they were shaking the shit out of my tent and I was convinced it would just eat shit and collapse on top of me hahaha. I also loved being deemed ‘The Witch’ this year because I was apparently the only girl with a wizard stick?! That thing was ridiculous though, by the end of it I had to stand on an esky and have my tallest mates hold it up for me so I could drink. Good times, good flipping times.

UNIFY 2018.

UNIFY 2018.

Is there a band on the UNIFY lineup which you look up to or you’re most excited to see?

Knocked fucking Loose! I’m actually listening to them this very second, ARF ARF.

Earlier this year you put out your debut album I’m the Sin. What’s the response been like to the album, and how has it compared to your expectations of how people would react?

The response received for this record is seriously not what we were expecting at all – in the best way possible, that is. We knew we had a gnarly creation on our hands and the response and love has been overwhelming and beautiful. We definitely didn’t expect to have gotten as much as we have out of our first full-length record.

Disorder and Manifestation have been getting some solid radio play on triple j over the last 12 months. Do you remember where you were when you first heard your band on the radio?

We. Were. Screaming. Hahaha, we were so excited, it’s kind of cringe honestly, Shel and I were together, we turned triple j on as loud as our speakers could handle and just sat on her bed Snapchatting everyone while whipping our hurr back and forth.

How does it feel now, when you hear any of your music being played on the radio?

It’s still a little weird, hearing your voice coming out of someone’s speakers randomly? Like, what is that? But it’s super rad and people still send me messages every time we get played. Seems I’m not the only one it trips out

Are there plans to put out new music soon, or is touring your main focus at the moment?

At this very point in time we’re focusing on the tour, but never fear, we’re heading back to the studio early next year to make some more magic!

What can we expect from The Beautiful Monument in 2018?

New tracks, more feels and darn good times.

Tonight Alive's Back to Beginnings tour, with The Beautiful Monument as supports.

Tonight Alive’s Back to Beginnings tour, with The Beautiful Monument as supports.

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