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New Zealand indie rockers ALBION PLACE have just released their debut album MASCUZZI JACUZZI and are doing an Australian tour off the back of this album.


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What is your creative process when writing songs? Do you write lyrics then add instruments, or is it the other way around?

We decided to go into this one without any preconceptions of what we were making, and what to expect. So all four of us just jumped into a practice room and what came out is what you will hear on the album.

Have any artists or bands influenced the sound of your band?

Sort of, we have been influenced by the different sounds that have come before us and the sounds that we are writing now. Aside from that, artists such as John Lennon, The Strokes, The Beatles, Tame Impala, and Bob Marley with their recording and writing have influenced us.

Who’s idea was it to start busking together?

It just came from walking down the street together and see someone playing and the had a lot of money in their guitar case and we thought we could do better than that. That’s how it started really, and we became a band after that.

When writing your debut album did you come across any writer’s block?

Definitely, it can be tricky to get through it. I think the way we recorded it and how we set up in a band room and away from the city with no distractions. When something wasn’t working for some reason we would just get out of the house go for a walk, and see some of the beautiful Queenstown scenery, and after some time we would go back and record.




At what point did you realize that your band was becoming successful?

We put out a song on Spotify a few years ago and one day I got a Snapchat from a friend showing one of our early songs called “I will not forget” had charted on the Spotify charts. It had already been out for a year and a half and I don’t think it got any plays during that time and somehow it got 50,000. It encouraged us to keep writing and recording as well as touring.

What is your favourite song from your upcoming album?

Since U Called which is track number 5 from the album.

What are you hoping that fans will get from listening to the upcoming album?

Sonically it is put your feet up and relax, let the sun soak in kind of album. Hopefully, it will be the soundtrack for a few peoples summer to keep them chilled out. It delves into some deeper things so hopefully for people who are struggling they can find a bit of solace in the album.




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