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Lime Cordiale


Sydney brothers Lime Cordiale have finally presented us with their debut album ‘Permanent Vacation’. We chat to Oliver about the recording process before he heads off on tour.



So, How was your weekend?

Yeah, not too bad.


Did you celebrate much?

Yeah, I went whale watching.


This album has been a long time coming. How does it feel to finally have it out in the world?

Yeah It’s been good. We spent a lot of time on this, worked with a lot of people, had doubts, and positive moments. I guess we didn’t really know what to do so we kept writing and writing. It feels good to finally have it out. When you’ve got your album out you do feel like a little bit more of a full grown man in a way. We went through puberty three times with out EPs and finally our voice broke, our balls dropped and we released the album.


Lime Cordiale


I adore all the artwork surrounding the album. Am I right in saying that it’s one of you two that does it?

Yeah it’s my brother Louis. He’s the artist. For a lot of the recent ones it’s all been linocuts. That was inspired by Bruce Goold who is a lino cut artist on the Northern Beaches of Sydney that we actually made a documentary about with our dad. As we were making the documentary Louis got inspired by him. He’s kind of like an eccentric old Sydney artist, did a lot of stuff for Mambo, grew up in weird sixties / seventies Sydney. He’s got some real eclectic artwork and Louis’ kind of been inspired by him with the linocuts.


You’ve written maybe 50 songs in the lead up to this album. How do you even begin picking a track list from such a large selection.

It’s pretty hard. Some of them are real scrappy and some of the are real polished, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that one’s better than the other. We might have something that’s pretty much an iPhone recording, and some of them that we would have been working on and trying to produce up as much ourselves for ages. It’s not really about how produced the song it’s about what is most interesting in that little bit of melody, what’s got a good hook there or what tells a good story. It’s hard and when you’ve got 50 songs you’ve got the ones that you’ve wrote that are really personal to you. So I might be holding on to one and Louis might go “mate that’s just a shit song in general”, so you end up just having to part ways with some of them and maybe they’ll come back in later years.


Do you think we’ll ever see some of those tracks that didn’t make the cut?

Yeah I hope so. Maybe I’ll try and sell them to Kylie Minogue or something.


Lime Cordiale


I want to talk about your ‘Solid Gold’ video. Where do you even get an idea for something like that?

We’ve always been in to film. We’ve done a lot of weird things. Louis hates acting and that sort of stuff but he just did a short film for someone the other day where he had to get his butt out. Normally he’d be fine with but it was a full on sex scene and he knew that the short film wasn’t going to go anyway. But they offered him $1,000 to do it so he was like ‘whatever, I’ll do it’. But I’ve always been really involved in film making and doing the music videos and stuff. We’ve got our mate Jack Shepard who’s going to come on tour with us and make a documentary series and that was his idea really. I think he probably smoked a little bit too much and came up with the idea. He told me in the morning and I was like “Dude it doesn’t make any sense but let’s just make it”. I’m meeting up with him in like five minutes and we’re going to talk part 2 and 3 and 4.


I also love the ‘Temper Temper’ video. How much work goes on behind the scenes to make a video like that?

Quite a lot. The initial idea is the hardest thing. The idea for that song pretty much tells the story of the music video. Often we’ll try and find an idea that’s unique and different but that one just kind of tells the story. We had to practice the dance moves heaps. We dance them at like a quarter of the speed. If you’re a bit of a tech you could probably slow it down to 25% and see what we actually look like when we’re dancing. It’s not as impressive. I saw that Bruno Mars music video where he does the same thing all in this one studio. I swear he just looks cool because they’ve sped it up.


On this album the sound is quite diverse. Was there any particular influences that you had this time around that you didn’t have on your EPs?

Yeah we had heaps of different influences and maybe that’s why people kind of say it’s not a consistent album. It doesn’t have a sound run all the way through and we weren’t going for that. I don’t know whether that’s something to be critical about or not, but it’s not something that we’re aiming to do. Each song was inspired by different things. We were pulling some Phill Spector influences for the song ‘Other Way Round’. Bon Iver influenced ‘Risky Love’ with the horns at the start. The kind of auto tuned, harmonised horns. Just things like that. Listening to that Bon Iver album I was just like ‘what the fuck’, like no one auto tunes horns. That’s sick. We just kind of tried that out and it gave it a cool aesthetic.



You both share songwriting on the album. Does that ever cause any clashes or does it provide a fresh prospective?

It’s just general brotherly clashes. I think it would be more of a clash if we evenly distributed the songwriting and who does what. Whether Louis writes a whole song himself or I write a song myself and bring it to him and not many changes are made, it’s just easy. Not really any clashes just different vibes. We don’t have a formula for anything we do and maybe that’s why every song sounds a bit different. No stress for the first album. Maybe by the time we release the third album we won’t talk to each other, enter different sides of the stage and then walk straight off. Our parents will be crying.


Finally, if you weren’t writing songs together as brothers, what else do you think you’d be doing?

I’d hope that Louis would be doing his art. I’d probably be doing escorting. There’s old ladies out there that are lonely and I’d give them some company.





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Friday 27th October @ Amplifier Bar


Saturday 28th October @ The Odd Fellow


Saturday 4th November @ UniBar (Licensed All Ages)


Friday 10th November @ Workers Club


Saturday 11th November @ Northcote Social Club – SELLING FAST


Sunday 12th November @ Wrangler Studios (U18’s) – SELLING FAST


Thursday 16th November @ Beach Hotel


Friday 17th November @ The Brightside


Saturday 18th November @ The Brightside (U18’s matinee show) – SELLING FAST


Saturday 18th November @ Sol Bar


Thursday 23rd November @ Rad


Friday 24th November @ Transit Bar


Saturday 25th November @ Metro Theatre (Licensed All Ages) – SELLING FAST


Friday 1st December @ Republic Bar


Saturday 2nd December @ Club 54


Friday 8th, December @ Dalrymple Hotel






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