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Interview with Po of Drawing North

Canberra-based trio Drawing North supported Melbourne’s Masketta Fall on their Golden Album Tour this summer and now the talented three-piece is making noise in the US. On the verge of releasing their brand new single Stay on 5 April, vocalist Po recently had a chat with AMNplify – check it out!

Drawing North

How and when did the band form?

The band formed a bit over five years ago when we were trying to avoid getting office jobs and all loved music. As childhood friends it made sense to form a band, so one magical Christmas we set up in Drew’s garage and started Drawing North.


Who is in the band and what role do they play?

Po – Vocals

Jake – Bass and synth

Drew – Guitar, drums, keys


Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

For me personally, I always loved pop music and the idea of being able to sing to a crowd even though I’m ridiculously introverted. The dream of singing in front of people and having them sing along has been the main driving force to pursue that career in music.


Who are your main musical influences?

Way too many to list because I’m influenced by even new bands that come out with amazing music. Growing up it was bands like Fall Out Boy and Paramore and more recently I fell in love with bands like OneRepublic and Imagine Dragons.


What is the inspiration behind Save Your Love?

We really wanted to write a song that got people moving and dancing along with us, Save Your Love, lyrically, is about holding out for that one person who can create a miracle in your life and not letting things get you down before you find them.


What are the themes explored on the El Dorado album?

El Dorado is such an eclectic album because it was written over a few years and had so many life experiences explored throughout. Then main theme explored in the album is love and its many variations and ups and downs.


How does the debut album differ to what you have released in the past?

The album is very different stylistically to what we have released in the past because we have grown in the music we love listening to and we changed to suit that music that we truly love.


What has been your most memorable career highlight to date?

It was probably playing at the Australia Day Concert with Sheppard, Jess Mauboy and Paul Kelly to almost 10,000 people; such an amazing event and incredible vibe.


What is something you would like to achieve career-wise that you haven’t done yet?

Definitely have a platinum selling album, for our music to reach that many people would be mind blowing.


If you could play any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Wembley Stadium. I can’t even begin to imagine what that would feel like.

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