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Interview with Samantha Jade

Samantha Jade is a busy woman. Between touring the country in support of her newest single “Circle On The Water,” and dropping a new cosmetics range into Priceline stores today, Australia’s sweetest sweetheart made time in her busy schedule to speak to Amnplify’s Pauli Dee, who was quietly fan-girling over the chat!

Pauli: You’ve just finished up a tour in the UK with Brian McFadden and Keith Duffy. How was that?

Samantha: It was so much fun, it was crazy! We got to go to a lot of cities and I had always wanted to go to places like Liverpool, where the Beatles are from and Manchester and I got to perform in those places where massive names like that have performed, so it was a bit of a dream come true, it was really cool!

Did you get to do much site-seeing? Or was it all work and no play?

We got to do a little bit… not as much as I would have liked because we were literally there and then we leave, we’re not really there long enough.

I saw the dates, it looked like a crazy back-to-back tour

Yeah and we had to drive between cities, so as soon as we got off stage, we started driving again so we didn’t get to do a lot of site-seeing, but I got to see outside the hotels!

Hahaha Im sure there were some beautiful hotels!
Do you have plans to go back there?

Yeah I’m going back next Friday because Ive been writing and sort of basing myself there so it’s been fun, it’s definitely a very different city, it’s a great city, there’s so much going on. The weather can be tough, but do-able! I think I’ll be back home by the end of the year because it’s tough to be away from family.

You’re back in Australia at the moment to perform a few shows in celebration of your newest single “Circles On The Water”

Yeah! So I’ve just been telling people about the new song and performing it during some tour dates and we’re doing some in-stores and I also have my make-up line that’s dropped into stores today, so that’s pretty exciting. For me I can’t just put something out and not meet the people that are buying it.

Are these acoustic shows you’re doing at the moment? Or a full band sort of thing?

The shows we’re doing now are track, so basically just track with my wonderful dancers dancing around. so it’s a lot different to what I did in the U.K and that’s the wonderful thing about being a performer is you can do it in so many different ways.

I hear you’re performing some new songs in the shows, is that right?

I am! I’m doing Circles On The Water, which is the newest song, but Im doing a bit of a medley, which is pretty cool, it’s like all of my songs in one!

Have you been in the recording studio lately?

I have! Thats what I’ve been doing over in London. So before I did the tour, thats what I was doing over there.
I love recording, but it’s very time-consuming and if you’re going to be in the recording studio, that’s sort of the only thing you’re going to do at the time, you know what I mean?

So does that mean you’re working on a new album?

I am. Look, it’s a tough time in the industry right now for anyone to put anything out, so I don’t know when it will be out, but I am working on it!

You have a few tracks that you’ve recorded up your sleeve?

I have a few, yeah!

Any thoughts on the next single?

Ahhh, it depends how this one goes, really. We’ll see how it goes and then go from there.

You mentioned your new cosmetics range “Models Prefer” which launches into Priceline stores today;
What made you want to get into cosmetics?

Well I’ve always loved cosmetics and Ive always been a make-up girl. You know, really into make-up and hair and clothes, I’m really a girly-girl and I used to do make-up as well, so basically we started developing this make-up range and then Priceline came to us and said they’d love to come on board and we were just like “WOW – Dream come true” because for me, Priceline is the ultimate, so it all just worked out and now it’s absolutely crazy to walk into a store and see your face everywhere on make-up that you worked on for so long, because it’ been a two or three year process, so it’s pretty amazing!

Is a clothing range something you’d be interested in doing?

Yes! Absolutely! I looove clothes and I love fashion so definitely!

and what about acting? have you got any other acting jobs in the pipelines?

Not at the moment, I’ve been focused on the make-up and the music, so thats been taking up most of my time and acting is something that you can’t take lightly and you really have to commit to doing it and it’s very time-consuming within itself so basically Ive taken a little break from acting but if the right role comes along, absolutely I’ll do it again. I just did the Alan Bond series. I only played a small role in that but I loved it and I was also on Lovechild just the other night and that was really cool, so if there’s little things that pop up here & there, I always say yes if it’s the right role.

Do you have a preference between acting and singing?

Oh I think singing is my number one! I love acting, don’t get me wrong, but singing is really where my heart lies.

Sam, I have a little thing I call “One Random Minute” which always proves to be a fun way to end an interview if you’re up to answer a series of quick random questions as quickly and honestly as you can?



One Random Minute

What did you have for breakfast?

Scrambled eggs and avacado

If you were a spice girl, what spice would you be?

Oooh! …Like one of the existing ones?

You can make one up if you like!

Maybe I’d be Aussie spice!

Not cosmetic spice?

Oh YES, YES, make-up spice! hahaha

What’s your favourite thing to have on a sandwich?

Oh gosh! Turkey & chill flakes!

Favourite dessert?

Cremè Bru Lei

I was going to ask Tea or coffee, but I’ve been scrolling through your instagram and I think it’s pretty obvious you’re a coffee addict, right?

I am a coffee drinker, but I do love a tea as well. I have a hot drink thing! I love hot chocolate too, I’m all about a hot drink!

hahaha coffee for the mornings and hot chocolate of a night, huh?


Apples or Bananas?


Horror or comedy?

Comedy… I think!

A fan of yours asked me to ask; If you could collaborate with any female artist, who would it be?

Ummm The dream would be Beyonce

If you had one super power, what would it be?

To heal people.

and if you weren’t singing, what would you be doing?

I’d either be doing make-up or something with children. I love kids.


Samantha’s make-up range can be found in any Priceline store across the country.

You can buy or stream Sammi’s newest single “Circles On The Water” HERE.

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