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New album Worlds Apart is out now!
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Make Them Suffer is an Australian metalcore band from Perth, currently signed to Rise Records. Their debut album Neverbloom peaked at No. 56 on the ARIA Album charts in June 2012, while its follow up Old Souls debuted at No. 30 upon release in May 2015. After the band signed with Rise, the label released an expanded version of Old Souls in August 2016, containing also the EP Lord of Woe (originally self-released in 2010) and a new track, “Ether”. We caught up with Sean Harmanis recently and asked him a few questions.


How long has the Worlds Apart album been in the works?

Since about September, 2016.


Which songs on the album are you most excited to release/share?

I’m most excited to play Dead Plains, Save Yourself and Vortex.


Recently you toured with The Amity Affliction, Beartooth and PVRIS, what was a highlight of this tour?

Just the crowd sizes in general were insane and it was great exposure for us. I really enjoyed hanging out and meeting the other bands, as well as stopping for our day off in Byron Bay.


You said that Worlds Apart represents a new era for the band, where do you see yourselves heading in the next two years/what are your goals?

I expect that we’ll be touring extensively off this album as it’s one that we’re extremely proud of. We’ll definitely be making the most of this album cycle and hitting the road for as long as possible before we settle in to consider what our next move creatively will be.


You guys have toured with some pretty huge bands like Parkway Drive and In Hearts Wake, what is the hardest part of touring?

Lack of sleep and eating healthy can be hard, depending on the size of your band/position on the bill.


Which bands/musicians inspire you most?

For me personally probably My Bloody Valentine, The Smashing Pumpkins, Deftones, Placebo, Eminem.


If you could open for any artist, (alive or dead), who would it be and why?

I suppose Deftones would be a fitting pick, but honestly there’s so many.


As a band you guys have grown massively since 2015, what has been your biggest career milestone/highlight in this time?

I think announcing and performing our headliner tours in North America, Australia and Europe is a huge statement and represents the hard work we’ve put into touring since 2015.


I had the opportunity to catch your set on the recent The Amity Affliction tour and was astounded by your incredible stage presence, what is your favourite song to perform live?

I love performing Ether, It’s so big and open and leaves a lot of space for me to rock out to my heart’s content.



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