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Country music singer-songwriter Tara Favell has only recently released her Wild Heart EP. The release is the precursor to the Sydneysider’s run of shows at the upcoming Tamworth Country Music Festival. It has already proven to be Favell’s most successful release to date.

Discover what Tara Favell had to say about her new EP, her upcoming shows at the Tamworth Country Music Festival (19th Jan – 28th Jan 2018) and much more below.




Who or what inspired you to pursue a career in music?

As in a singer or a band…so, there’s a band called McFly, they are a British band. They have been my favourite band since forever. I think I was about 14 that I first heard of them. I just picked up the guitar and began playing their songs and then started writing from there. They are probably the main inspiration.


How would you best describe your sound?

I think it’s a cross between pop and modern country; the sound that is coming out of Nashville with some of the new artists like Kelsea Ballerini and Sam Hunt. It’s a pop-country sound.


Do you ever feel vulnerable writing such raw and honest songs?

I guess so, but for me, I use it as a coping mechanism. If I’m going through something, when I write a song about it; it just makes me feel better. I think if I share it with people and then will be like ‘oh, I’ve gone through something similar’. It is a big thing, putting your feelings on the line, but having people say that they can relate to it…it’s really good to hear that.


What do you love most about country music?

The songs and the songwriting, the storytelling; which is always something that I’ve liked to do in my songs as well. I like that all country music tells a story. That’s like me, that’s my favourite part, the music and lyrics is the story behind the song.


What do you hope to achieve now that Wild Heart EP has been released?

I’m hoping that I can get around to different parts of Australia and play; maybe do some festivals or support act slots and be able to play most of the originals. I’ve done a lot of covers gigs in Sydney weekly. To be able to go out and play all my own songs would be the main goal.


What can fans expect from your upcoming shows at the Tamworth Country Music Festival?

This year will be cool because I’ve got the new EP, so I’ve obviously got more originals to play and I’ve also got a full  band show – my first full band show at the festival and it’s free, it’s a three hour gig – that’s one going to be pretty cool. Then I’ve got other spots where I’ll be selling some CDs and doing some songwriter spots; talking about the songs and the stories behind them as well.


So it will be a mixed bag then, just not what you’re used to from previously?

Yeah, it’s really different this year which is really fun.


What is something you would like to achieve career-wise that you haven’t done yet?

My goal is to go to Nashville this year, actually. I’d love to go there and just song-write with people and maybe even try to go to some bars that do open mics and perform in Nashville – that has been the dream for a long time.


Do you actually watch the TV show, Nashville, by any chance?

Yeah, I do. I’m about a season behind, but I really like it.


What has been your most memorable career highlight to date?

I opened for Daryl Braithwaite, which is pretty cool, at one of his Sydney shows. I think just recording and releasing music. I found out the EP went #1 on iTunes the other day, so that was definitely a highlight.





I saw that it went #1 on the country music charts, but it means more on iTunes with the day and age of music too…

Yeah, definitely; that’s the first #1 I’ve gotten, so I’m pretty happy with that.

What makes you different from other country music artists?

I play a lot of acoustic styles, so I try to keep that element in my songs when people come and watch the shows. It’s not like ‘oh, she’s completely different to her CD’. I always have an acoustic guitar in there, so I try to incorporate that with more of a pop programmed drum sound, but with a country kick to it as well. Try for a sound that’s not straight country or straight pop.

Is Wild Heart the first EP you’ve released or have you released original music before this?

About five years ago now, I released an EP; which was my first EP, it was called You Shine. It was just songs that I had written when I was 15 and 16. Since then, I released the single last year (Heart-Break) and a single the year before that. This is the most current EP; I haven’t released anything since I was 17 or 18, so it’s been a while.

Did you release Wild Heart independently or was it through a label?

Independently, yeah.

Would you ever want to release with a label?

Yeah, definitely. That’s definitely a goal as well. These days there’s obviously the Internet, so we’re lucky that we can release and promote ourselves, but to have a label and a team behind to push it, I would love that.

Have you got a label in mind that you would like to be on at all?

I’ve heard good things about Warner, haha. Warner Music, but I would be keen to chat to any. I know some people who say that Warner Music is a good one.


TARA FAVELL Tamworth Country Music Festival

TARA FAVELL // Tamworth Country Music Festival


If you could play any venue in the world, where would it be and why?

Any venue anywhere in my wildest dreams would be Wembley Arena because that was the first DVD I watched of McFly and I was like ‘oh, that would be really cool to play somewhere like that’. That’s England; I would actually love to play in the UK.

There are not many country artists that come out the UK either…

No, there’s not actually…then there’s the Bluebird Café in Nashville, which is where Taylor Swift and Faith Hill got discovered, so that would be amazing as well.


See what it’s actually like in comparison to it being featured on the TV show…

Yeah, that’s right they do. Apparently, it’s really hard to get into. There’s a lineup every night and you’ve just got to stand there and hope you get in.


They don’t show any of that on the TV show…

No, it looks very natural on the TV show.


I was listening to the EP yesterday and I reviewed it for AMN as well. It’s a really cool EP. I like how it’s all different songs, but it has a cohesion at the same time. It’s not all sound-a-like. Some albums, the songs all sound the same…

That’s what I was going for. I knew writing them acoustically that things can start to sound the same. In producing the EP, we changed things up and put an acoustic song on there as well and made them tie in together. I’m glad you liked the EP.


Thank you for chatting with me and good luck at Tamworth too.




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