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Interview with TESHA

Tel Aviv’s TESHA is making waves in the music scene by merging her personal experiences with her unique sound to make her art. Following the release of her new captivating EP “Dreams Vol. 1” in June, TESHA took some time out to answer some of our questions.

Congratulations on the release of your EP “Dreams Vol .1”, it sounds incredible – I’ve noticed that it’s taken a while for you to get this EP released, how long have you been working on these songs for?

Actually not a lot of time… I work fast in an intense way, what took time is me being ready.

Tell us about the track “Clever Moments.”

Soft and brutal, like my life

“Dreams” literally feels like I’m drifting away into a different kind of world. Was that your intention with the track?

Yes, the song is about dreams or one might say different realities, they build and collapse on one another and the only thing that keeps you safe is your thoughts, your existence, and we see a lot of strange things, but we are here to learn… this is what it sounds like to me.

“So Alive” was released over a year ago and it’s featured on the EP with newer songs that sound different. Is there a story behind this?

This EP originally had 7 tracks that go from dark to light as I work with concepts mostly. I think it’s because my father was a painter and art is mostly conceptual. It’s a different part of the dream, it’s about transcending and realising, it’s that part where you know you passed the test.

I love how “Too Be Continued…” concludes your EP with mystery as there are no vocals featured on the track. Was your aim to keep your fans in suspense?

Yes, because it leads into the next chapters.

The instrumentals of your songs aren’t really traditional electronic genre sounds. How do you make such foreign sounds from the genre work so well with your voice?

Firstly, sounds have colour to me and when I create a song, much like classical music I try to paint the background with colours and objects to create a space in people’s brain… what I love about classical music is that if a composer creates a melody about let’s say water, he actually paints the water with sounds – I’m all about that.

Secondly, I am a “sampler” girl… most of the bass sounds and synth sounds and noises I create are made out of strange object – lettuce drums, revere piano bass, I make a lot of synth from creating a distortion in the mic… and lots of other crazy things.

I’m getting a “Black Swan” kind of vibe from the cover art of your EP. Am I getting the right idea?

Not at all the opposite, first of all I have never seen that movie in my life since I do not like scary movies! I see creatures of that sort in my dreams they are scary at first, but generally they are good, they are teachers, we are only scared since it is unknown to us..

For people that have never heard of TESHA, how would you describe your EP to them in one word?


Did moving to Los Angeles recently influence the songs on your EP in any way?

Nope I made them in Israel.

What’s one thing that can be found in the Tel Aviv music scene that you wouldn’t find anywhere else?

Tremendous love and support, mixture of eastern and western music, it’s very unique unlike anything I’ve heard in Europe or the US.

Every time I see a new image of TESHA she always looks different, but good different. Is this something you do on purpose?

Yes… humans have many faces, many alter egos, I draw it out and put it in front of your eyes for you to understand… you probably won’t recognise me on the street but it doesn’t matter.

Growing up, what artists inspired you to become a musician?

Nobody did really… I just started singing when I was 8 and knew.

Sounds wise I love Air, massive attack and everything that has been made by fairies really.

Can fans expect a possible collaboration in the future?

Yes I love doing collabs 🙂

Along with the exciting release of your EP, can we expect to see you down under in Australia soon?

Yes, we might do a little tour towards the end of the year, stay tuned.

Love y’all

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