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Reviewer: Kelsey Hentschel



You may have already heard the sunny, sugary-sweet hook of I Like Me Better on every commercial radio station in the country or on one of Spotify’s many playlists. It’s undeniable that Lauv has taken this country by storm. Landing in Australia to the news of a 3x Platinum song in ‘I Like Me Better’. This 23 year old New-York based artist blessed us with his tour titled ‘I Met You When I Was 18’. Kelsey was lucky enough to snag a ticket to the sold out show. Read about it below.



Taking the stage with the sound of 750+ screaming fans, Lauv opened the show with a dramatic rendition of the fan favourite ‘Paris In The Rain’. Complete with illuminated white umbrella and branded denim jacket, Lauv undeniably knows how to make an entrance.

Bouncing around the stage to tracks like ‘Comfortable’ & ‘Paranoid’ is evident that this 23 year old is completely in his element. Lauv had the whole crowd in the palm of his hand. Early on in the show between tracks the performer had a question for the crowd regarding the correct pronunciation of the staple Australian dish – The Chicken Parmigiana. Met with shouting from the crowd “Parma” and “Parmie”, Ari (Lauv’s real name) quickly gave up on finding the preferred term.



The transitions between songs were heartfelt and very natural. Nothing felt rehearsed. The show flowed with an effortless simplicity. I sang every word along with him, and so did every other person packed into the sold out venue. I’ve never been to a concert where literally every single person was belting all the lyrics back at the artist. There are always those few people, who were dragged along by their girlfriends/best friends/neighbours, but tonight this was not the case.

Lauv’s performance was equally as gracious and personal as it was emotional. Majority of his songs are somber dance tracks about heartbreak and distance. You cant help but feel a connection with him as he lays his soul bare in order to perform these songs in a was they deserve. A fan expressed her appreciation to the singer with a single rose, which she handed to Lauv mid-set. He gave her a hug and it made for a beautiful moment (and photo).



Lauv was sure to express his sincere gratitude for each and every fan, exclaiming that none of this would be possible without our dedication to him and his music. Overall this was a beautiful concert shared in by everyone in attendance, If you’re not familiar with Lauv’s work, I suggest you check it out immediately. I promise no regrets. I had such a wonderful time at the show and I have listened to his music on repeat ever since I left the venue. Thank you Lauv. Cant wait to have you back again soon.



Paris In The Rain




A Different Way

The Story Never Ends

Come Back Home


Easy Love



Getting Over You


I Like Me Better

The Other



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