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I first fell in love with Lisa Mitchell when she appeared on Australian Idol, and then again when she released her first album ‘Wonder’ in 2009 and her single ‘Coin Laundry’, which might be one of her most identifiable tracks.

Over the years the singer songwriter has never failed to produce soulful folk tunes, but her new release is speaking to my 13 year old self.

This dreamy cover of Phantom Planet’s ‘California’ have taken me right back to The O.C. and I think Lisa echo’s this sentiment, she said on Instagram:

“Like every kid born a stones throw of 1990, it goes without saying that I have watched every episode of, “The O.C.” Therefore it is a high-school dream-come-true to have made my own version of the theme-song of the series.”

The post also included a disclaimer saying that listening may lead to binge watching all four seasons.

I absolutely love the track, it rings true to Lisa’s vibe and gives me total Seth and Summer circa season three feels. If you’re a lover of Lisa, the series, the original song or Australian folk music you should definitely give this cool cover a listen.

Be still my beating teenaged girl heart, ‘California’ by Lisa Mitchell is what you’ve been missing all these years.

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