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Little Mix

The Glory Days Tour @ Qudos Bank Arena

29/07/2017 (Live Review)

If you were anywhere but Qudos Bank Arena on Saturday night, you missed out on one of the best concerts in 2017.


Little Mix



Saturday night saw the final Aussie show for the Little Mix The Glory Days Tour in Sydney, at Qudos Bank Arena. Near full capacity of 21,000, people from all over flocked to Homebush, lining up for hours awaiting the doors to open. The atmosphere was electric, from little kids in tutus and homemade LM shirts smiling and laughing alongside their parents to the tweens, teens and older notably ecstatic for their night to begin.

The support for the Little Mix Aussie Tour was none other than Zoe Badwi, the Melbournian Singer-Songwriter who rose to fame in the Aussie music industry with a string of hits in 2011, including the Dance smash Freefallin’. Badwi spun a bunch of global hits on the DJ decks that had the crowd moving, including remixes of Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran. The decks didn’t stop Badwi from singing a few of her own songs, including her 2011 hit Accidents Happen from her album Zoe.

The noticeable cameras everywhere did not stop anyone from dancing on the floor or in their seats in between sets, flying around the arena and showcasing the smooth (or not so smooth) dance moves of many.

They may have been a little late to stage, but that did not take away from the fact that Little Mix had finally arrived! Fans went absolutely wild as their Glory Days Tour signature introduction played on the stage screen, each of their faces crossing the screens which sent fans into pandemonium. Before we knew it, the British quartet was on stage and ready to party with Sydney.

Little Mix opened the show with their current single, Power, a 10/10 decision in my opinion! Not only does the four-minute track embody empowerment in all forms, the song is damn catchy and you can bet that the entire arena was singing right back to the girls at the top of their lungs.


Track List for their Sydney show below!

  • Power

  • Black Magic

  • Salute

  • Down and Dirty

  • F.U

  • Hair

  • Your Love

  • Secret Love Song Part II

  • No More Sad Songs

  • You Gotta Not

  • Wings

  • Touch


  • Shout Out To My Ex



Little Mix


Known for their incredibly upbeat, positive and bubbly musical repertoire, Little Mix slowed down their set and performed Secret Love Song Part II with a very special and empowering message in mind for their major fan base a part of the LGBTQ community. Overcome with emotion, ¼ of Little Mix, Jade Thirlwall spoke about how the song “means so much” to the band because of the “impact it has had on the fans,” especially their “LGBT fans” and how important it is for them to “encourage who you are and who you want to be”. It’s safe to say, the entire room was singing along to this one.

I can’t deny that I was the tiniest bit disappointed that their set was only 13 tracks long (including their only Encore song, Shout Out To My Ex) but don’t let that take away from the fact that despite their short time on stage, Little Mix rocked the Qudos Bank Arena!

Whether you’re a Little Mix fan or not, watching them live only makes you fall in love with them all the more! Watching their performance of Salute was incredibly powerful and uplifting in itself; the song promotes Girl Power solely and the idea that girls have to stick together!

I’ve been to quite a few concerts in my time and I don’t think I have ever seen so many people come out of a packed General Admission Standing area so freakin’ happy! All the elements, all the emotions, all the characteristics that make and bring Little Mix together truly radiate when they are on stage; rubbing off on every single person in the room. From the spectacular lighting show, to all the choreography between both the band and their dancers, to the banter and love that is so clearly seen between them all; these little things that make a Little Mix show unique are only just a bonus on top of the incredible singing ability and performance by each member of Little Mix.


A Little Mix concert is truly an unforgettable experience!


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