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Louis Tomlinson

‘Miss You’

(Single Review)

Reviewer: Cassandra Thomson


“Oh, how shit changes. We were in love, now we’re strangers. When I feel it coming up, I just throw it all away. Get another two shots ‘cause it doesn’t matter anyway…”


Miss You is the latest single from British artist Louis Tomlinson. The track debuted in the Top 5 of the American and Brazilian iTunes charts, and in the Top 10 of the Italian, Spanish and Australian charts. The official music video has had over four million views since its release on December 8.

The three-and-a-half-minute pop-rock track is a different sound from the One Direction member turned solo artist. With a deep rock melody and a hint of rap in the highly emotional, lovesick lyrics, it’s safe to say that Tomlinson has delivered something entirely different to his solo music thus far. The only similarity found is that Miss You undoubtedly holds a real, emotional element to the track through the lyrics. It’s a theme that flows on from Tomlinson’s previous single, Just Like You.

Miss You is a raw insight into Tomlinson’s inner thoughts and feelings as a soloist, with each new release detailing the exploration of a more mature and independent artist. Both Miss You and Just Like You have teased what is no doubt to be an insightful and introspective debut album.

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